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LHR fields

Find all of the local holdings data fields available in WorldShare Record Manager.

The following table lists the LHR fields that are available in Record Manager for MARC 21 WorldCat bibliographic records. Click a field number to go to the description in OCLC Local Holdings Format and Standards. For information about OCLC local holdings records (e.g., indicators, subfields, holdings data fields, tags, etc.) and the scope of the OCLC local holdings format, see OCLC Local Holdings Format and Standards - Introduction.

Field Name
Leader Leader
004 Control Number for Related Bibliographic Record
007 Physical Description Fixed Field
008 Fixed-Length Data Elements - General Information
014 Linkage Number
017 Copyright or Legal Deposit Number
020 International Standard Book Number
022 International Standard Serial Number
024 Other Standard Identifier
035 System Control Number
337 Media Type
338 Carrier Type
347 Digital File Characteristics
506 Restrictions on Access Note
538 System Details Note
541 Immediate Source of Acquisition Note
561 Ownership and Custodial History
562 Copy and Version Identification Note
563 Binding Note
583 Action Note
842 Textual Physical Form Designator
843 Reproduction Note
844 Name of Unit
845 Terms Governing Use and Reproduction Note
852 Location
853 Captions and Pattern - Basic Bibliographic Unit
854 Captions and Pattern - Supplementary Material
855 Captions and Pattern - Indexes
856 Electronic Location and Access
863 Enumeration and Chronology - Basic Bibliographic Unit
864 Enumeration and Chronology - Supplementary Material
865 Enumeration and Chronology - Indexes
866 Textual Holdings - Basic Bibliographic Unit
867 Textual Holdings - Supplementary Material
868 Textual Holdings - Indexes
876 Item Information - Basic Bibliographic Unit
877 Item Information - Supplementary Material
878 Item Information - Indexes