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845 Terms Governing Use and Reproduction Note (R)

Find the field definition and scope, indicators, subfield codes, and guidelines for applying content designations for field 845.

Indicators and subfield codes

First Indicator


blank          Undefined

Second Indicator


blank          Undefined

Subfield Codes

‡a        Terms governing use and reproduction (NR)

‡b        Jurisdiction (NR)

‡c        Authorization (NR)

‡d        Authorized users (NR)

‡f        Use and reproduction rights (R)

‡g        Availability date (R)

‡q        Supplying agency (NR)

‡u        Uniform Resource Identifier (R)

‡2        Source of term (NR)

‡3        Materials specified (NR)

‡5        Institution to which field applies (NR)

‡8        Field link and sequence number (R)


Field definition and scope

This field contains information about terms governing the use of the materials after access has been provided. Use for copyrights, film rights, trade restrictions, etc., that restrict the right to exhibit, fictionalize, quote or reproduce. This field is similar to field 540 (Terms Governing Use and Reproduction Note) defined in OCLC's bibliographic format.

Guidelines for applying content designations


Both indicators are undefined; each contains a blank (blank).

First Indicator - Undefined

blank - Undefined

Second Indicator - Undefined

blank - Undefined


‡a - Terms governing use and reproduction

Subfield ‡a contains the terms governing use and reproduction. The terms usually mean the text of a legal or official statement of restrictions.

845           Restricted: Information on reproduction rights available at Reference Desk.

845           Restricted: Copying allowed only for non-profit organizations.

‡b - Jurisdiction

Subfield ‡b contains the jurisdiction which is the name of a person, an institution, or a position or function within the institution, by whom or which the terms governing access are imposed and/or enforced, and to whom the restriction may be appealed.

845           ‡3 Recorded radio programs ‡a There are copyright and contractual restrictions applying to the reproduction of most of these recordings; ‡b
                  Department of Treasury; ‡c Treasury contracts 7-A130 through 39-A179.

‡c - Authorization

Subfield ‡c contains the source of authority for the restriction (e.g., a specific statute, contract, etc.).

845           ‡3 Bituminous Coal Division and National Bituminous Coal Commission Records ‡a "No information obtained from a producer disclosing cost of production or sales realization shall be made public without the consent of the producer from whom the same shall have been obtained"; ‡c 50 Stat.88.

‡d - Authorized users

Subfield ‡d designates either a class of users, or specific individuals (by name or title) to whom the restrictions in subfield ‡a do not apply.

845           ‡3 Diaries ‡a Photocopying prohibited; ‡d Executor of estate.

‡f - Use and reproduction rights

Subfield ‡f contains data taken from a standardized list of terms (e.g., Creative Commons or Rights Statements) indicating the use and reproduction rights.

540              Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht Kommerziell - Keine Bearbeitungen ǂf CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 ǂ2 cc ǂu

‡g - Availability date

Subfield ‡g contains the when the resource changes its use and reproduction rights. Preferred structure for the date is according to the format yyyymmdd in accordance with ISO 8601, Representation of Dates and Times. The mm and dd positions contain zeroes when the data is unknown.

‡q - Supplying agency

Subfield ‡q contains a MARC Organization Code, International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL), or textual name of the organization or project responsible for the data in the field. See MARC Code List for Organizations, which also includes links to Canadian, United Kingdom, and German MARC Organization Code lists, along with the International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL).

‡u - Uniform Resource Identifier

Subfield ‡u contains the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), for example a URL or URN, which provides electronic access data in a standard syntax. This data can be used for automated access to an electronic item using one of the Internet protocols.

Substituting hexadecimal notation for diacritics and special characters in Uniform Resource Identifiers. When recording a URI in subfield ‡u, you may enter most of the spacing characters listed below as either characters or their hexadecimal equivalents. Consult the table below.

 Note: Do not confuse the spacing characters listed below with their long-valid non-spacing counterparts. Use of the spacing characters will be limited almost exclusively to URLs.

Entry method Name Character Alternative entry (hex value)
Enter as character or hex value Spacing circumflex/circumflex accent ^ %5E
Spacing underscore/low line1 _ %5F
Spacing grave/grave accent ` %60
Spacing tilde/tilde ~ %7E
Enter as hex value only Vertical bar n/a %7C

1Because the Spacing Underscore may cause problems with MARC output, users may prefer to continue entering it with the hexadecimal value %5F.

845           Rights status not evaluated. For general information see "Copyright and Other Restrictions..." ‡u

845           Reproduction is restricted through October 2014. See Restrictions Statement for more information: ‡u

‡2 - Source of term

Subfield ‡2 contains the MARC code that identifies the source of the term used to record the use and reproduction rights in subfield ǂf. If terms from different sources are needed, separate fields should be used. See Access Restriction Term Source Codes.

540              Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht Kommerziell - Keine Bearbeitungen ǂf CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 ǂ2 cc

‡3 - Materials specified

Subfield ‡3 contains information that indicates the part of the described material to which the field applies. When separate holdings records are made for each part of a bibliographic item, each record may contain a field 845 that contains a subfield ‡3 to specify the part to which the note applies. When holdings for all of the parts of a bibliographic item are contained in one holdings record (and there is no 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology field), subfield ‡3 may be used whenever a data element in field 845 differs for a specified part of the item.

845           ‡3 Transcripts ‡a Confidential, copying limited; ‡d Student named on document.

‡5 - Institution to which field applies

Subfield ‡5 contains the MARC code of the institution or organization that holds the copy to which the data in the field applies. It is used for institution-specific information that may or may not apply to the universal use of the holdings record. See MARC Code List for Organizations which also includes links to Canadian, United Kingdom, and German MARC Organization Code lists.

‡8 - Field link and sequence number

Subfield ‡8 contains data that identifies linked fields and may also propose a sequence for the linked fields. Subfield ‡8 may be repeated to link a field to more than one other group of fields.

The structure and syntax for the field link and sequence number subfield is: ‡8<linking number>.<sequence number>

The linking number is the first data element in the subfield and required if the subfield is used. It is a variable-length whole number that occurs in subfield ‡8 in all fields that are to be linked. Fields with the same linking number are considered linked. A linking number of "0" (zero) is not used in this field.

The sequence number is separated from the linking number by a period "." and may be optional. It is a variable-length whole number that may be used to indicate the relative order for display of the linked fields (lower sequence numbers displaying before higher ones).

Subfield ‡8 is always the first subfield in the field when it is used.