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Move a LHR to a different WorldCat record


You can move a local holdings record from one bibliographic record to another to:

  • Upgrade an order item to a full record.
  • Move a LHR to a record with the correct edition or format.
  • Correct a matching issue that occurred in data processing.

 Note: You can move up to 10 local holdings records at a time.

Move a LHR

  1. From the LHRs accordion, select the local holdings record(s) you want to move.
  2. From the Move LHRs drop-down menu, select Move Selected.
  3. (Optional). Select Move All to move all associated LHRs.
     Note: If the bibliographic record contains more than 10 LHRs, Move All is disabled.
  4. From the Move Selected LHR(s) to Different WorldCat Record dialog, you have two options:
    • Enter the OCLC control number for the target bibliographic record in the WorldCat Record text field, OR
    • Click Find and Select Record to search for the target record.
      • Select a scope from the Scope drop-down list.
      • Select an index from the Index drop-down list.
      • Enter your search term(s) in the Term(s) search box.
      • Click Search.
      • Locate the target bibliographic record in the search results and then click Select Record. The Move Selected LHR to Different WorldCat Record dialog reappears with an OCLC control number in the WorldCat Record text field.
         Note: To see detailed information about the OCLC control number entered in the WorldCat Record text field, place the cursor over the information icon (Information icon) in the Move Selected LHR to Different WorldCat Record dialog.
  5. Select whether you want to automatically delete Any WorldCat Holdings and LBDs when the last LHR is moved.
  6. Click Move. When the records have moved successfully, you will receive a confirmation message and link to the bibliographic record to which the LHR(s) were moved.
    You will receive an error message if:
    • You try to move more than 10 records via manual selection.
    • You try to move a LHR you are currently editing


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