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583 Action Note (R)

Find the field definition and scope, indicators, subfield codes, and guidelines for applying content designations for field 583.

Indicators and subfield codes

First Indicator


blank          No information provided

0         Private

1          Not private

Second Indicator


blank          Undefined

Subfield Codes

‡a        Action (NR)

‡b        Action identification (R)

‡c        Time/date of action (R)

‡d        Action interval (R)

‡e        Contingency for action (R)

‡f         Authorization (R)

‡h        Jurisdiction (R)

‡i         Method of action (R)

‡j         Site of action (R)

‡k        Action agent (R)

‡l         Status (R)

‡n        Extent (R)

‡o        Type of unit (R)

‡u        Uniform Resource Identifier (R)

‡x        Nonpublic note (R)

‡z        Public note (R)

‡2        Source of term (NR)

‡3        Materials specified (NR)

‡5        Institution to which field applies (NR)

‡8        Field link and sequence number (R)


Field definition and scope

This copy-specific field contains information about processing and reference actions, such as a brief statement about solicitation to acquire material, whether the solicitation is active or inactive, and the date of the last item of correspondence.

This field is also used to record information about preservation actions relating to an item, such as review of condition, queuing for preservation, and completion of preservation.

Field 583 is repeatable to record information about different actions.

Standard Terminology may be used and the authority for the terminology may be indicated in subfield ‡2.

Guidelines for applying content designations


First Indicator - Privacy

The first indicator position contains a value that specifies whether the contents of the field are private or not.

blank - No information provided

Value blank indicates that no information is provided as to the privacy of the field contents.

0 - Private

Value 0 indicates that the field contains private information.

1 - Not private

Value 1 indicates that there is no private information in the field.

Second Indicator - Undefined

The second indicator is undefined and contains a blank (blank).

blank - Undefined


‡a - Action

Subfield ‡a refers to any action performed (e.g., accession, appraise, authenticate, classify, copy, describe, exhibit, lend, organize, microfilm, preserve, reference, schedule, solicit, survey, or transfer). For preservation activities, use subfield ǂa for a description of the action (e.g., condition review, queued for preservation, interim treatment, or preservation completed).

583              preserve ǂb PA-061 ǂc 19831204

‡b - Action identification

Subfield ‡b contains a code or designation assigned to identify a specific action or to identify it in conjunction with time of action (e.g., an accession number or project code).

583           ‡3 8 record center cartons ‡n 8 ‡o cu. ft. ‡a accession ‡b 82-14 ‡c19820606

583   1      microfilmed ‡b 2004-J292 ‡c 20041103 ‡z for ordering information contact the Preservation Department ‡2 pda ‡5 ICU

583   0     retained ‡b classification ‡c 19950713 ‡f Declassification Review Project ‡h John Keeton ‡o document ‡x requires other agency review

‡c - Time/date of action

Subfield ‡c contains the concrete time or date of an action. It may be a future or a past time. Use subfield ‡c for the date of accessioning, acquisition, classification, transfer or description. Express time in the form hhmmss.f in which .f represents the decimal fraction of the second. Note that you need to include the decimal point. Express the date in the form yyyymmdd with additional explanatory text, if needed.

583   0      ‡3 plates ‡a condition reviewed ‡c 20040915 ‡l mutilated ‡2 pda ‡5 DLC

583   1       will microfilm ‡c 2004 ‡2 pda ‡5 ICU

‡d - Action interval

Subfield ‡d contains a statement defining a time period which cannot be expressed as a specific date (e.g., at end of academic term or every six months).

583           appraise ‡b OPR 80/144 ‡d quinquennial

‡e - Contingency for action

Subfield ‡e contains a designation of a time or time period in terms of an unpredictable event (e.g., at conclusion of court case, after death of daughter, or upon receipt).

583   0      transfer ‡e at conclusion of court case

‡f - Authorization

Subfield ‡f contains the text of, or citation to, a statute, action order, report, rationale, or rule governing a particular action.

583           queued for preservation ‡c 19861010 ‡e priority ‡f Title IIC project ‡5 DLC

‡h - Jurisdiction

Subfield ‡h contains the name of a person, an institution, or a position or function within an institution, in whom or in which responsibility for an action is vested.

583           transfer ‡c 19770613 ‡h university archives

‡i - Method of action

Subfield ‡i refers to the means or technique by which an action was performed. Examples of means include: by mail, in person, by phone for reference services. Examples of technique include: scrap, incinerate, shred for disposition.

583           ‡3 text ‡a transformed digitally ‡c 2003 ‡i text markup ‡2 pda ‡5 VA

583           ‡3 reformatted ‡c 19871211 ‡i microfilm ‡2 stmanf

‡j - Site of action

Subfield ‡j contains the location at which the described materials are acted upon, including the site at which they are consulted by users.

583           exhibit ‡c 19840512 through 19841230 ‡e pending results of conversation test ‡j Museum of Fine Arts ‡k AFD

‡k - Action agent

Subfield ‡k contains the person or organization which performs the action.

583           ‡3 scrapbooks (10 volumes) ‡n 1 ‡o cu. ft. ‡a microfilm ‡c 198303 ‡e at completion of arrangement ‡f 1983 master film schedule ‡k Thomas Swing

583   0     appraised ‡c 197508 ‡l $25,000 ‡k Karl Schach

‡l - Status

Subfield ‡l contains the condition or state of the described materials, sometimes but not always resulting from an action (e.g., physical condition, insurance value, or description status). For preservation activities, this subfield may contain information about the condition of the item when the action is, for example, condition reviewed. This subfield may also contain information about the status of the item that caused preservation to be rejected (e.g., action is preservation rejected) or information about the disposition of the original item (e.g., action is reformatted).

583           ‡3 patent case files ‡n 12 ‡o reels of microfilm ‡l filmed ‡c 19811017 ‡j Central Services

583   0     ‡3 plates ‡a condition reviewed ‡c 20040915 ‡l mutilated ‡2 pda ‡5 DLC

‡n - Extent

Subfield ‡n contains the extent, defined as the number of items involved. If you repeat both subfields ‡n and ‡o, each subfield ‡o should follow its associated subfield ‡n.

583           ‡3 student case files (9 file drawers) ‡n 18 ‡o linear ft. ‡a weed ‡d end of academic year ‡h Student Affairs Office ‡j Bldg. 174, Rm. 436

‡o - Type of unit

Subfield ‡o contains the type of unit, defined as the name of the unit of measurement. If subfields ‡n and ‡o are repeated in one 583 field, each subfield ‡o follows its associated subfield ‡n.

583           fumigate ‡n 37 ‡o archives boxes; ‡n 14 ‡o bound vol. ‡b 79-54 ‡c 197906 ‡k JJI

583           describe ‡n 5 ‡o reels of videotape ‡n 2 ‡o reels of audiotape ‡n 49 ‡o broadsides ‡n 12 ‡0 phonograph records ‡e after phonograph records are
                  reformatted ‡k FRG

‡u - Uniform Resource Identifier

Subfield ‡u contains the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), for example a URL or URN, which provides electronic access data in a standard syntax. In field 583, subfield ‡u is used to record the location of external or supplemental information accessible electronically.

Substituting hexadecimal notation for diacritics and special characters in Uniform Resource Identifiers. When recording a URI in subfield ‡u, you may enter most of the spacing characters listed below as either characters or their hexadecimal equivalents. Consult the table below.

 Note: Do not confuse the spacing characters listed below with their long-valid non-spacing counterparts. Use of the spacing characters will be limited almost exclusively to URLs.

Entry method Name Character Alternative entry (hex value)
Enter as character or hex value Spacing circumflex/circumflex accent ^ %5E
Spacing underscore/low line1 _ %5F
Spacing grave/grave accent ` %60
Spacing tilde/tilde ~ %7E
Enter as hex value only Vertical bar n/a %7C

1Because the Spacing Underscore may cause problems with MARC output, users may prefer to continue entering it with the hexadecimal value %5F.

583   1      conserved ‡c 2004 ‡u ‡2 pda ‡5 FU

583   0     condition reviewed ‡b aaa0123 ‡c 20041011 ‡u ‡2 pda ‡5 FU

‡x - Nonpublic note

Subfield ‡x contains a note pertaining to an action on an item that is not displayed to the public.

583   0     condition reviewed ‡c 2004 ‡l defaced ‡x faces in illustrations are blacked out ‡2 pda ‡5 NIC

583   1      will digitize ‡c 2004 ‡x NEH funding requested for Latin American collections ‡2 pda ‡5 FU

‡z - Public note

Subfield ‡z contains a note pertaining to an action on an item that is displayed to the public.

583   1      digitized ‡b 2004-074 ‡c 20041104 ‡z Institute for Museum and Library Services grant ‡2 pda ‡5 DLC

583   1      acquired surrogate ‡b 2004-J292 ‡c 20041103 ‡z for further information contact the Preservation Department ‡2 pda ‡5 ICU

‡2 - Source of term

Subfield ‡2 contains a MARC code that identifies the source of the term used to record the action information. The source of the MARC code is Resource Action Term Source Codes that is maintained by the Library of Congress. If more than one source needs to be recorded, the field is repeated.

583   1      will transform digitally ‡c 20031104 ‡i OCR ‡z queued for digitization, Nov. 4, 2003 ‡2 pda ‡5 NIC

‡3 - Materials specified

Subfield ‡3 contains information that indicates the part of the described material to which the field applies. When separate holdings records are made for the parts of a bibliographic item, each record may contain a field 583 that contains a subfield ‡3 to specify the part to which the note applies. When holdings for all of the parts of a bibliographic item are contained in one holdings record (and there is no 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology field), subfield ‡3 may be used whenever a data element in field 583 differs for a specified part of the item. It may also be used to relate the 583 Action note to information in an 876-878 Item Information field, when it is necessary to provide action information for item level data.

583   0     ‡3 v.5 ‡a acquired surrogate ‡c 20040915 ‡i microfilm use copy ‡2 pda ‡5 CSt

583   1      ‡3 plates ‡a mass deacidified ‡c 20040915 ‡i DEZ ‡2 pda ‡5 MiEM

‡5 - Institution to which field applies

Subfield ‡5 contains the MARC code of the institution or organization that holds the copy to which the data in the field applies. It is used for institution-specific information that may or may not apply to the universal use of the holdings record. See MARC Code List for Organizations, which also includes links to Canadian, United Kingdom, and German MARC Organization Code lists.

583   1      ‡3 plates ‡a conserved ‡c 20050915 ‡2 pda ‡5 MUM

583           queued for preservation ‡c 19861010 ‡e priority ‡f Title IIC project ‡5 DLC

‡8 - Field link and sequence number

Subfield ‡8 contains data that identifies linked fields and may also propose a sequence for the linked fields. Subfield ‡8 may be repeated to link a field to more than one other group of fields.

The structure and syntax for the field link and sequence number subfield is: ‡8<linking number>.<sequence number>\<field link type>

The linking number is the first data element in the subfield and required if the subfield is used. It is a variable-length whole number that occurs in subfield ‡8 in all fields that are to be linked. Fields with the same linking number are considered linked. A linking number of "0" (zero) is not used in this field.

The sequence number is separated from the linking number by a period "." and may be optional. It is a variable-length whole number that may be used to indicate the relative order for display of the linked fields (lower sequence numbers displaying before higher ones).

The field link type is separated from preceding data by a reverse slash "\". It is a code indicating the reason for the link and it follows the link number or sequence number if present. The following one-character field link type code has been defined for use in subfield 8 in OCLC local holdings records: a - Action

Code a is used in a record to link one or more fields with another field to which the processing or reference actions relate. This code is typically used only when there is more than one 5XX that relates to another 5XX field.

541          ‡8 1.1\a ‡3 Public School and College Authority and Trade School and Junior College Authority project files ‡a Finance Dept ‡c
                Transferred ‡u

583          ‡8 1.2\a ‡a Appraised ‡c 198712- ‡l tjb/prr

583          ‡8 1.3\a ‡a Scheduled ‡c 19880127 ‡k mc/dmj

583          ‡8 1.4\a ‡a Arranged ‡c 19900619 ‡k mc/dmj

583          ‡8 1.2\a ‡a Processed level 2 ‡b 90.160 ‡c 19901218 ‡k kmc/dmj