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842 Textual Physical Form Designator (NR)

Find the field definition and scope, indicators, subfield codes, and guidelines for applying content designations for field 842.

Indicators and subfield codes

First Indicator


blank          Undefined

Second Indicator


blank          Undefined

Subfield Codes

‡a        Textual physical form designator (NR)

‡8        Field link and sequence number (R)


Field definition and scope

This field contains a designation in textual form of the physical form of the item. The physical form designator specifies the physical medium or form, or type of material of the unit held. The general physical form designator in coded form is recorded in field 007 (Physical Description Fixed Field).

Guidelines for applying content designations


Both indicators are undefined; each contains a blank (blank).

First Indicator - Undefined

blank - Undefined

Second Indicator - Undefined

blank - Undefined


‡a - Textual physical form designator

Subfield ‡a contains a textual description of the physical form.

842           computer file

842           binder

842           model

‡8 - Field link and sequence number

Subfield ‡8 contains data that identifies linked fields and may also propose a sequence for the linked fields. Subfield ‡8 may be repeated to link a field to more than one other group of fields.

The structure and syntax for the field link and sequence number subfield is: ‡8<linking number>.<sequence number>

The linking number is the first data element in the subfield and required if the subfield is used. It is a variable-length whole number that occurs in subfield ‡8 in all fields that are to be linked. Fields with the same linking number are considered linked. A linking number of "0" (zero) is not used in this field.

The sequence number is separated from the linking number by a period "." and may be optional. It is a variable-length whole number that may be used to indicate the relative order for display of the linked fields (lower sequence numbers displaying before higher ones).

Subfield ‡8 is always the first subfield in the field when it is used.


842                computer file

842   0   0     ‡8 1 ‡a disk

842         1      ‡8 1.1. ‡a 1

842         1      ‡8 1.2 ‡a 2
Display example: + (computer file) disk 1/disk 2


842                binder

842   0   0     ‡8 1 ‡a v.

842   4   0     ‡8 1.1 ‡a 1-10
Display example: (binder) v.1-10


842                model

842   0   0     ‡8 0 ‡a ca. 300 pieces
Display example: (model) ca. 300 pieces