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004 Control Number for Related Bibliographic Record (NR)

Find the field definition and scope, indicators, subfield codes, and input standards for field 004.

Indicators and subfield codes

No indicators or subfield codes.

Field definition and scope

System control number of the MARC bibliographic record for which a separate holdings record was created.

Field 004 links a separate holdings record to its related bibliographic record. For interchange purposes, documentation of the structure of the control number and input conventions are provided to exchange partners by the organization initiating the interchange. The related MARC bibliographic record is distributed to exchange partners prior to the distribution of a separate holdings record.

An organization receiving a separate holdings record may move the control number for the related bibliographic record of the distributing system from field 004 to one of the following 0XX control number fields and place its own related bibliographic record control number in field 004:

014    Linkage Number

035    System Control Number

Input standards

When holdings information is embedded in a related MARC bibliographic record, field 004 is not used.