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Find information about OCLC-MARC local holdings format and standards.
  • About OCLC-MARC local holdings format and standards
    OCLC Local Holdings Format and Standards is a guide to Local Holdings records in WorldCat. It provides tagging conventions, input standards and guidelines for entering information into WorldCat.
  • OCLC local holdings records
    Find information about OCLC local holdings records, including variable fields, tags, indicators, and subfields.
  • Scope of the OCLC local holdings format
    Find information about holdings data fields, separate holdings records, and compression or expansion of detailed enumeration and chronology data.
  • Information in local holdings records
    Find additional documents that may help you to determine appropriate practice when entering information in OCLC local holdings records.
  • Leader
    Find the field definition and scope, indicators, subfield codes, and guidelines for applying content designations for the MARC Leader field.
  • OCLC-MARC local holdings format tag chart
    Find brief, general information on each tag and subfield available in local holdings records.