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Why is my OVID direct holdings feed not loading?

  • OVID collections, configured to automatically update through Direct Holdings Feeds may stop updating.
Applies to
  • Any OCLC WorldCat knowledge base (WCKB or KB) institution that has had OCLC configure direct holdings feeds for OVID.

OCLC-member institutions that also have OVID access may choose to have a direct holdings feed configured in order to have their OVID collections automatically updated to match your subscriptions through OVID.   OVID permits their customers to change the passwords on their OVID accounts.  If you change the password on your OVID account, notify OCLC Support so that OCLC can also update your password in our configuration with OVID, notifying us of the password change will help ensure that your updates are not interrupted. 

  1. If you change your OVID password, notify OCLC Support of the new password. 
  2. OCLC will make any necessary changes to reflect the new password. 
Additional information

Information about Direct Holdings Feeds is available at Providers and contacts for automatic collection loading

Information specific to OVID Direct Holdings Feeds is available at OVID

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