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Understand emailed reports

If you enable reports in Settings > Reports, reports will be available around the time when files of records have been output for your library or, in the case of WorldCat Holdings reports, after there are changes in your holdings in WorldCat. You will not receive an email on days when there is no activity.

Reports will be available via email. When your first report is available, you will get an email from with the subject field: "The report [name of report] you requested for [YYYYMMDD]." Reports are also available in the OCLC Usage Statistics Portal and they are identical to the reports that come by email. See how to Access emailed reports in the OCLC Usage Statistics Portal.

If you have not configured email reports, see Institution settings, Reports for instructions.

  • Cataloging partner reports
    Cataloging partner reports contain information about records you output and WorldCat holdings you set for titles in cataloging partner collections in Collection Manager
  • Data sync reports
    Data sync reports contain information about records matched and delivered through data sync collections in Collection Manager.
  • Records reports
    Record reports contain information about records you output from Collection Manager.
  • WorldCat holdings reports
    WorldCat Holdings reports track when your institution's symbol has been added to or removed from records in WorldCat.


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