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Integrate OpenAthens proxy with the WorldCat Knowledge Base

Learn how to integrate OpenAthens proxy with the WorldCat Knowledge Base.

Configure OpenAthens integrated links using the Proxy settings in WorldShare Collection Manager.  For all collections except for those listed in this document, use the institution settings. 

After a collection is selected and configured as outlined below, perform WorldCat Discovery searches for articles to confirm the articles are linking correctly.

OpenAthens Knowledge Base Collections

These collections have links configured to work with OpenAthens.

  • Elsevier ScienceDirect:
    • Elsevier ScienceDirect Journals Athens
      • Collection ID: elsevier.sciDirectathens
    • ScienceDirect eBooks Athens
      • Collection ID: elsevier.ebooksathens
    • ScienceDirect Journal Backfiles All Athens
      • Collection ID: elsevier.sdBFAllathens
  • Ovid:
    • YourJournals@Ovid (Athens Authorization)
      • Collection ID: Ovid.yourJournalsAthens
  • Kanopy:
    • Uses Kanopy Library ID.

 Note: LexisNexis is currently not supported.

Institution Settings for OpenAthens integration 

Proxy and Authentication

Collection Manager helps you manage patron access to materials by directing off-campus patrons through your proxy server. Collection Manager will prepend your proxy information to catalog links. Both on-campus and off-campus patrons will be given proxy links. Consult the documentation for your proxy server to determine how to configure your proxy settings to ignore on-campus patrons so they do not have to sign in.

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > Proxy and authentication > Proxy.
  2. Select Proxy Type: EZproxy
  3. Enter the Base URL for OpenAthens:[library domain]?url=
     Caution: Do not include a space after the Base URL.
  4. (Optional) Enter your Username and Password. Providing username and password information is used by OCLC for de-bugging purposes only.

Configure provider settings

Collections from certain providers require identifiers specific to the provider in order for links to resolve to full-text. The ID is often included in the URL you use to access the provider's platform. For example, if you have an ID "XXX" from a provider:

  • You might access the provider's platform with the URL:
  • In Collection Manager, "XXX" would be the ID needed for Provider ID / Customer ID settings and once entered, the ID would be:
    • Automatically included in MARC records if outputting records from Collection Manager. For example: =856 40 $$z Click for resource
    • Referenced in corresponding links in your discovery interface. For example:

Enter Customer ID’s at institution level for the following providers:

  • EBSCOhost
  • ProQuest
  • Gale Cengage
  • Kanopy

To add a Customer/Provider ID for the above providers: 

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > Provider Settings.
  2. Select your provider from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter the identifier from your provider.

 Vendors verified to work with Institution settings

  • Allen Press (article links unverified)
  • American Economic Association
  • JAMA
  • Annual Review
  • Britannica
  • CambridgeCore (article links unverified)

Collection-level settings for OpenAthens integration

For specific collections listed below, update the Linking settings as indicated.

To update collection-level settings:

  1. Navigate to the Collection.
  2. Open the Linking accordion.
  3. Select the Local tab.
  4. Update the settings as specified below.

Providers which require collection level changes

For the below collections, update the Collection-level settings under the Linking tab.

Provider Use Proxy Title Link Formula Link Scheme
Asce Use institutional settings       asce.athens
Cambridge Use institutional settings       doi
De Gruyter Online (Journals) Use institutional settings [[localstem]] degruyter.shib
De Gruyter Online (eBooks) Use institutional settings [[localstem]]  
EBSCO (Journals) No proxy needed [[localstem]][[url]]&authtype=shib&custid=[[ebscohost.authotype]] ebsco.shib
EBSCO (eBooks) No proxy needed



Override for this collection

  • Select Proxy: EZproxy
  • Base URL:[LIBRARY DOMAIN].edu%3Furl%3D&find_1=&replace_1=&target=


Gale No proxy needed [[localstem]][[url]]?u=[[galesiteid]]  
InfoBase Learning Use institutional settings [[localstem]][[bKey]]%26wid%3d[[]]  
Ingenta Use institutional settings       ingenta.athens
JSTOR Use institutional settings   jstor.athens
Muse Use institutional settings       muse.athens
OUP Use institutional settings       doi
Ovid Use institutional settings   ovid.athens
PhilOnline Use institutional settings       philonline.athens
ProQuest Use institutional settings [[localstem]][[bKey]][[jKey]]?accountid=[[PQUEST.WAYFlessID]] pquest.athens
Sage Use institutional settings       highwire.sageAthens
Springer Nature Use institutional settings   link.springer.athens2
Taylor & Francis

Override for this collection

  • Select Proxy: EZproxy
  • Base URL:[LIBRARY DOMAIN].edu%3Furl%3D&find_1=&replace_1=&target=


University of Chicago Press Use institutional settings   uchicago.athens

Override for this collection

  • Select Proxy: EZproxy
  • Base URL:[LIBRARY DOMAIN].edu%3Furl%3D&target=



 Providers verified to work with institutional settings

  • Allen Press
  • American Economic Association
  • JAMA
  • Annual Review
  • Britannica
  • CambridgeCore