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Options for libraries without a cataloging subscription

Access to Collection Manager is provided for the exclusive purpose of receiving records for content from select providers.

About your WorldShare instance

If your library does not have an OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Subscription, the collections available in your knowledge base in Collection Manager will be limited to OCLC cataloged collections. OCLC cataloged collections are knowledge base collections cataloged by OCLC staff and are made available through Collection Manager by the provider.

See the OCLC cataloged collections page for a list of providers with collections from which you can receive records. 

If your library has a CatExpress subscription, please see Options for libraries with a CatExpress subscription.

Get started

Request access to Collection Manager

  1. Visit the WorldShare Collection Manager request form and complete the form.
  2. In the Comments or Questions field, indicate your provider or your reason for the request. For example: "I am a Wiley customer." This will indicate to OCLC that your library needs to be configured for an exclusive purpose and should not be charged for an OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Subscription.

Set a password

  1. Look for an email from Order Services. Order Services will email you a welcome message that includes:
    • Your institution's unique WorldShare URL
    • Your personal user name
    • A 9-digit "admin" authorization number to use when you sign up for emailed record reports
  2. Follow the instructions to Set or reset your password.

Configure institution settings

Sign in to the WorldShare interface

Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL. Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier:

Use the Setup Wizard

  1. Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager > Institution Settings.
  2. On the Institution Settings screen, you will see accordions that contain a variety of settings. Not all of the settings will be of interest to you, so we have created a Setup Wizard to guide you through the settings and surface the settings that are required or most often used. Click the Setup Wizard button.

Language options

The Setup Wizard is available in the following languages:

  • Deutsch - German
  • English - English
  • Español - Spanish
  • Français - French
  • Italiano - Italian
  • Nederlands - Dutch
  • 中文简体 - Chinese (Simplified)
  • 中文繁體 - Chinese (Traditional)
  • 日本語 - Japanese
  • 한국어 - Korean

If the interface does not appear in your preferred language, select the language of your choice:


Select collections and download files of records

Watch a video

Working with OCLC cataloged collections

Run time: 11:01

In this video, you will learn how to search for and select OCLC cataloged collections in WorldShare Collection Manager, as well as demonstrates where and how to download your files of records for your selected collections.


Additional information

For help understanding the contents of emailed record reports, see Understand emailed reports, Record reports.

Collection Manager has many features. However, because your access to Collection Manager is for the exclusive purpose of receiving records, some functionality will not be available.