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American Academy of Pediatrics

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Collection names and IDs

There are many collections in the global WorldCat knowledge base. Use the collection data in the table to help you find the relevant collections. If your collection is not returned when you search within Collection Manager, try entering a root word and an asterisk (*) as a truncation operator. For example: AAP*

Collection name(s) Collection ID(s)
AAP eBooks: 2019 Collection aap.ebooks2019
AAP eBooks: 2018 Collection aap.ebooks2018
AAP eBooks: 2017 Collection aap.ebooks2017
AAP eBooks: 2016 Collection aap.ebooks2016
AAP eBooks: 1999-2015 Backlist Collection aap.ebooksbacklist
AAP eBooks: NRP Collection aap.ebooksnrp

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