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Add temporary items

A temporary record can be created for an item that has not been cataloged, and for an item that is received from inter library loan.

Create temporary item

  1. In the left panel, click Discover Items.
  2. In the Enter barcode area, scan the barcode or type it in the box. If you type the barcode, click Go or press <Enter>.
  3. In the Create Item window, fill in the fields. Make a note of the barcode, author, and title, so the item can be retrieved. For item type, select Temporary Item.
  4. Click Create Item.
  5. (Optional). To add additional information to the temporary item:
    1. Click Edit Item.
    2. Fill in the fields. The Delete Date field does not automatically delete the temporary item. This field is only for your library's information.
    3. Click Save Edits.

Temporary items will remain in your system until they are manually deleted.  See Delete item for more information.  

Create a temporary item and checkout or hold for patron

Temporary items can also be created in a patron's account. You can create a temporary item and hold it, or check it out to a patron.

See Check out temporary item.

Follow the steps for checking in items to check in a temporary item.  See Check in items for more information.

Retrieve a temporary item

Scan or type the temporary item's barcode in the Enter barcode area. If you do not know the item's barcode, search for it.

 Note: The only way to search for a temporary item is by author, title, or barcode. For details, see Look up item.

Create a temporary item for course reserves (WorldCat® Discovery)

Watch a video

Create a temporary item for course reserves (WorldCat Discovery) (5:36)

Faculty may request personal material, that will not become part of your permanent collection, to be made available for their class.  In the context of course reserves, this video shows how to create a temporary item in circulation for material that does not have a WorldCat record.