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Item management

Discover procedures for tasks that you may perform (e.g., look up items, edit items, add temporary items, etc.) in order to maintain item records related to circulation activities
Options for creating local material
Option Visible in WorldCat Discovery Visible to other libraries in WorldCat Discovery Searchable in Circulation More information
Add holdings to WorldCat Record Yes Yes Yes See Bibliographic records.
Create brief record in Record Manager if a WorldCat record does not exist Yes Yes Yes See Bibliographic records.
Add Local Bibliographic Data to WorldCat Record Yes LBD fields are visible to your library only. Yes See Local bibliographic data.
Create temporary item in Circulation No No


Barcode, author, title.

See Add temporary items.
Create Bound item container

Container: No

Items in container: Yes


Container: No

Items in container: Yes

Can only circulate or place holds on the container and not the individual items.

See Container management.

  • Discover Items
    Find information about available search options, including information specific to Bibliographic Records, Local Holdings Records, and Temporary Items. Also find information about advanced search and expert search options.
  • Set search preferences
    Find information about setting search preferences to control which search options are selected by default in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Add items
    Find information about adding single-part, multipart items, and temporary items in WorldShare Circulation.
  • View and use serial item records
    Learn how to add, receive, delete, and edit serial items.
  • Manage serial issues
    Find information about managing and receiving serial issues.  Learn how to receive or unreceive an issue, start or stop receiving, and set publication patterns.
  • Container management
    Learn how to create a bound item container, search for previously created bound item containers, and remove items from an existing container.
  • Edit items
    Find information about editing single-part items and multipart items in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Item notes
    Learn how and when to add notes to single items, multipart items, and serial items.
  • Delete items
    Find information about deleting single-part and multipart items in WorldShare Circulation.
  • Change the location for multiple items
    Learn how to change the branch location and shelving location for multiple items.
  • Check item status or location
    Find information about where an item's status displays as well as an explanation of how the item status displays in WMS and WorldCat Discovery.
  • Withdrawn status
    Learn about the different scenarios that cause items to be given a withdrawn status.
  • Claims lost, returned, never had
    Find information about changing the loan status of an item to reflect claims lost, returned, or never had.
  • View item history
    Learn how to look up circulation transactions for an item in WorldShare Circulation.
  • View LHR Change History
    Learn how to view the LHR Change History in WorldShare Circulation.
  • View statistics and reminders sent
    Find information on how to view circulation statistics and reminders sent for single items, multipart items, and serial items.