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876-878 Item Information-General Information

Find the field definition and scope, indicators, subfield codes, and guidelines for applying content designations for fields 876-878.

876 Item Information - Basic Bibliographic Unit (R) • 877 Item Information - Supplementary Material (R) • 878 Item Information - Indexes (R)

Indicators and subfield codes

First Indicator


blank          Undefined

Second Indicator


blank          Undefined

Subfield Codes

‡a        Internal item number (NR)

‡b        Invalid or canceled internal item number (R)

‡c        Cost (R)

‡d        Date acquired (R)

‡e        Source of acquisition (R)

‡h        Use restrictions (R)

‡j         Item status (R)

‡l         Temporary location (R)

‡p        Piece designation (NR)

‡r        Invalid or canceled piece designation (R)

‡x        Nonpublic note (R)

‡z        Public note (R)

‡3        Materials specified (NR)

‡8        Field link and sequence number (R)

Field definition and scope

These fields contain item level information about the pieces to the item specified in the holdings record. They contain various data elements that it may be desirable to record for specific items for use in acquisition or circulation applications, among others.

This field may also be used to gather together separate bibliographic entities contained in a single physical item (“bound-with” situation) by recording an identical barcode in subfield ‡p or internal item number in subfield ‡a in each separate holdings record. In this situation subfield ‡3 (Materials specified) is used where applicable to indicate specific issues of serials or multipart items contained in the single physical piece.

Linking Item Information to Holdings Items - For the following holdings configurations and levels, item fields are linked to the pieces to which they apply as indicated below.

Single physical part holdings item:

Multiple physical part holdings item:

Guidelines for applying content designations


Both indicator positions are undefined; each contains a blank (blank).

First Indicator - Undefined

blank - No information provided

Second Indicator - Undefined

blank - Undefined


‡a - Internal item number

Subfield ‡a contains a unique identifying number for the item.

876          AAH8128-1-1 ‡p A14802137389

‡b - Invalid or canceled internal item number

Subfield ‡b contains an invalid or canceled internal item number.

‡c - Cost

Subfield ‡c contains the price or cost replacement fee for the item. It may be qualified in parentheses by type of cost, e.g., normal, discounted, replacement.

876          AAH8128-1-1 ‡c $13.75 ‡p A14802137389

876          AAH8998-1-1 ‡c $6.00 (discounted)

‡d - Date acquired

Subfield ‡d contains the date the item was acquired in the form YYYYMMDD. If it is associated with a cost, it follows the subfield ‡c (Cost) to which it applies. The date is recorded according to Representations of Dates and Time (ISO 8601).

876          XZX1222-1 ‡d 19940622 ‡p A1234567

‡e - Source of acquisition

Subfield ‡e contains information about the acquisition of an item. It may be recorded in either textual or coded form. Codes may be locally defined.

852   0       DLC ‡b MRR

852   0       DLC ‡b SSRR

876             ‡3 SSRR copy ‡a 00019779439 ‡e CIP

‡h - Use restrictions

Subfield ‡h contains information about any restrictions on the use of the item. It is used when it is necessary to include information that is too item specific to be handled by field 506 (Restrictions on Access Note) in the bibliographic record. Subfield ‡h may be recorded in either textual or coded form. Codes may be locally defined.

866             ‡8 0 ‡a v.1-4

876             ‡3 v.1/2 ‡a ABH1332-1-1 ‡h Room use only ‡p A14893809302

876             ‡3 v.3/4 ‡a ABH1332-1-2 ‡h Room use only ‡p A14839283910
[Restrictions indicate that interlibrary loan and circulation are not possible for the items.]

‡j - Item status

Subfield ‡j contains information about the permanent status of the item, e.g. lost or withdrawn. Subfield ‡j may be recorded in either textual or coded form. Codes may be locally defined.

863   4   0   ‡8 1.3 ‡a 109 ‡b 1-6 ‡i 1990 ‡j 1-6

876             ‡8 1.3 ‡a AAA1000-1-2 ‡j Lost ‡p A1481283845

‡l - Temporary location

Subfield ‡l contains temporary location for an item. This subfield is not intended to provide circulation information, but temporary location information relative to the permanent location specified in field 852 (Location). If desirable, a local subfield ‡9 may be used for dates.

863   4   0   ‡8 1.5 ‡a 110 ‡b 1-6 ‡i 1991 ‡j 1-6

863   4   0   ‡8 1.6 ‡a 110 ‡b 7-12 ‡i 1991 ‡j 7-12

876             ‡8 1.5 ‡a AAA1000-1-4 ‡l Reserve Room ‡p A1481283808

876             ‡8 1.6 ‡a AAA1000-1-6 ‡l Reference ‡p A1481283892

‡p - Piece designation

Subfield ‡p contains a bar code or other machine-readable piece designation (such as OCR) associated with the item. An accession number is recorded in field 852 subfield ‡p (Piece designation).

852   0        TxAM ‡b Stacks ‡h HD9195.A5 ‡i W5

876             AAH8128-1-1 ‡c $13.75 ‡p A14802137389

‡r - Invalid or canceled piece designation

Subfield ‡r contains an invalid or canceled machine-readable piece designation.

876             AAH8128-2-1 ‡c 12.00 ‡p A14812385910 ‡r A14821385083 ‡x Re-catalog as added copy for stacks when checked in.

‡x - Nonpublic note

Subfield ‡x contains any notes relating to the item described in this field. The note is not written in a form that is adequate for public display.

876             AAH8128-2-1 ‡c 12.00 ‡p A14812385910 ‡q A14821385083 ‡x Re-catalog as added copy for stacks when checked in.

‡z - Public note

Subfield ‡z contains any notes relating to the item described in this field. The note is written in a form adequate for public display.

‡3 - Materials specified

Subfield ‡3 contains information that specifies the volume or range of parts to which the item information field applies. If a range of parts is recorded in fields 866-868 that do not correspond to the actual physical piece, the subfield ‡3 must represent an individual piece, not a series of pieces. Subfield ‡3 may also be used to specify the subset in field 583 (Action Note) or fields 863-865 (Enumeration and Chronology) to which the item information applies.

866       0   ‡8 0 ‡a v.5

868       0   ‡8 0 ‡a Chronological Index

868       0   ‡8 0 ‡a Alphabetic Index

876            ‡3 v.5 ‡a ABH1332-1-3 ‡p A14828301589

878            ‡3 Chronological index ‡a ABH1332-1-4 ‡p A14828301588

878            ‡3 Alphabetic index ‡a ABH1332-1-5 ‡p A14801389752

‡8 - Field link and sequence number

Subfield ‡8 contains data that identifies linked fields and may also propose a sequence for the linked fields. Subfield ‡8 may be repeated to link a field to more than one other group of fields.

The structure and syntax for the field link and sequence number subfield is: ‡8<linking number>.<sequence number>

The linking number is the first data element in the subfield and required if the subfield is used. It is a variable-length whole number that occurs in subfield ‡8 in all fields that are to be linked. Fields with the same linking number are considered linked. A linking number of "0" (zero) is not used in this field.

The sequence number is separated from the linking number by a period (.). It is a variable-length whole number that may be used to indicate the relative order for display of the linked fields (lower sequence numbers displaying before higher ones).

Subfield ‡8 is always the first subfield in the field when it is used.