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Add items

Find information about adding single-part and multipart items in WorldShare Circulation.

Single-part items

Find information about adding single-part items.

Open the Copies screen

  1. Using Discover Items, find an item you want to add to your holdings or edit.
  2. On the search results screen, click the item's title.
  3. If the Copies screen does not appear, click Copies in the upper right corner.

Add item

  1. On the Copies screen, in the upper right corner, click Add Item.
  2. On the Add New Monographic Item screen, fill in the fields. Branch and Call Number are required.
Some fields need explanation:
Field Definition
Branch Library branch that owns the item described by the item record.
Shelving Locations

Location of the item within the branch.

To remove a shelving location, either click the X next to the down arrow (if available), or click the shelving location in the list to uncheck it.

Call Number Enter the call number for the item. 


  • WorldShare Record Manager users: If you have set a Default Classification Scheme in User Preferences, the call number of the derived LHR will be prepopulated from the respective call number field in the bibliographic record you are deriving from.
Copy Number The number assigned by the library that distinguishes one copy of the title from another identical copy.
Receipt Status Whether items have been received.
Use Restrictions Any restrictions on the use of the item. It is used when it is necessary to include information that is too item specific to be handled by field 506 (Restrictions on Access Note) in the bibliographic record.  See 876-878 Item Information-General Information, Use restrictions.

Note about the item.

(Optional). To make a note display upon check in or check out, type an exclamation point as its first character (!).


 Note: For information on LHR display in WorldCat Discovery, see Local holdings record (LHR) field mapping.

  1. Click Add Monographic Item. The screen displays with the information you entered. On the Copies screen, click Refresh to see the new item.

Unrecognized Shelving Location error

Check for duplicate call numbers

When creating, viewing, or editing LHRs via the text-view editor, use the Check Duplicate Call Number option to determine if an LHR's call number is unique. 

From the item details screen, select Check Duplicate Call Number.  If the call number in the LHR already exists, you will receive a pop-up message with a link to the record(s) with the call number(s).


  • If you would like all LHRs to automatically be checked for duplicate call numbers when they are added or edited, enable the corresponding user preference in the Working with Records accordion in WorldShare Record Manager. 
  • The duplicate call number warning will only appear for LHRs that are attached to separate bibliographic records. In the case that the duplicate call number exists in an LHR under the same bibliographic record there will be no warning.