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OLIB User Import

Learn about the options for importing users via the OLIB Standard Transfer Format (OLSTF).

There are several options for importing user records into OLIB, each valid for differing scenarios:

  1. Import of tagged file through the OLIB Admin Client
  2. Scheduled import of tagged file by Daystart, running on the OLIB server
  3. Scheduled conversion and import of .csv file by Daystart running on the OLIB server
  4. Calls to the API in the application schema

Option 1 is used for initial imports and by customers who wish to run periodic updates to their user file manually.

Option 2 is designed for customers who make frequent updates (perhaps daily) and who do not wish to import the file manually.

Option 3 is for customers who are unable to create a tagged file and wish to commission OCLC (UK) Ltd to configure OLIB to automatically convert and load a file from a comma separated format. There is a cost involved in setting up this process.

Option 4 is for customers who are able to submit calls directly to their OLIB database to add User records directly to OLIB on demand or in batches. This option is not available to customers hosted by OCLC.