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Output formats for specific media types

Learn how to use an Output Format record, so that certain media items are displayed differently when an export is run.

►Data Exchange Reference Data> Output Formats

Specific types of media e.g. Loose Leaf, Pamphlets etc.. can be given different Format Text, so that when the export is run, those media items are displayed differently.

In Output Formats this is configured by creating a child record that has the relevant Media Type(s) entered in it and the special Format Text for output.

When you then run Export for the records you are exporting, the e.g. Loose Leaf, Pamphlets records are output using the special Format Text entered for these media types.

Create Output Format record

  1. Go to Data Exchange Reference Data> Output Formats.
  2. Click New Record.
  3. Enter a Description - this is displayed in the Export pop up window when you begin a data export.
  4. Set the Domain to Child Titles Output Format.
  5. Select a single Media Type or in the Media Types field enter the media type codes that should use this format. Surround the codes with a semi-colon, e.g:


  1. Include semi-colons around the code even if there is only one code - ;LL;
  2. Call Ref. defaults in to the record, leave this in place.
  3. Use Format Text to build up the required tags. See an example of how this is done.
  4. In Parent Output, select from the drop down list the parent export format of this child record.

 Note: only configured export formats (those with Format Text) are appropriate for the parent export format.

  1. Save the details.

Run the export

In the Titles domain use the parent export format to run the output. Those Titles whose Media Type is specified in the child Output Format will display using the special Format Text configured above. Titles of other media types will display using the Format Text configured in the parent Output Format.