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Import through daystart

Learn how to import user records into OLIB through daystart.

Importing through daystart

 Caution: Customers whose OLIB system is hosted by OCLC should contact OCLC to discuss how best to supply the file.

From Service Pack 8, the file to import can be located by setting a value for the USERSIMP_APP or USERSIMP_DB. This can be found in Daystart Settings, under System Administration.

The value given for the USERSIMP_APP setting should be the full path to the file on the server that is running daystart. For example:

If the file is to be placed on the database server (and this is separate from the application server), then the USERSIMP_DB setting must be used instead. Contact your regional support desk for advice on the value to use.

If you want to receive an email Alert about the success or failure of the Daystart import then you should amend Batch -2 – Daystart scheduled import – Users.

In the Data Exchange module run an Import Batch search. Search by description or run a wildcard search to show you all the batches present.

Click on the Daystart scheduled import – Users batch.

On the Import Settings sheet, modify the record and complete the relevant fields.

The Subject Line (OK) will be the subject line of an email where the batch imported with no problems.

The Subject Line (with info) will be used where there are problems in the import log.

The last 2 fields may be left blank – if left blank they default to 10 and 5 respectively. The log file produced by the import is an object linked to the batch record.

There are three possible types of Batch User Import message:

  1. The import failed - the log file is attached to the email.
  2. The import succeeded, but it generated log messages – the log file is attached to the email.
  3. The import succeeded without generating log messages – the email will not have an attached file.