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Purchasing Requests

The Purchase option allows you to track items you may wish to purchase, instead of borrowing via interlibrary loan.  This feature allows you to input relevant data about the item you're purchasing, and tracks usage in OCLC Usage Statistics.

 Note: Currently, the functionality allows tracking only, but future enhancements are planned.

Add requests to Purchasing Requests:

  1. Patron initiated requests can appear in the Borrowing Requests > New for Review queue or, if the request matched a Direct Request profile, the Purchasing Requests > Review for Purchase queue. 
Display requests from the New for Review queue:
  1. On the left navigation, click Borrowing Requests.
  2. Click New for Review.
  3. On the New for Review screen, click the request ID or Title to display the request.
Display requests from Review for Purchase:
  1. On the left navigation, click Purchasing Requests.
  2. Click Review for Purchase.
  3. On the Review for Purchase screen, click the request ID or Title to display the request.
  1. Click New for Review.
  2. On the New for Review screen, click the request ID or Title to display the request.
  3. Click the Change Fulfillment Type button at the top of the request and select Purchase Request.
  4. Complete any desired fields. 

     Note: Vendor is mandatory.

  5. Click Save.
  6. A confirmation message appears and the request appears under Purchasing Requests > On Order.

The Purchase Request information displays at the top of the request details.


Links to partner suppliers, such as, Barnes & Noble or Better World Books, will appear under Purchase Options at the bottom of the borrowing request to aid in providing purchasing information.  

Complete Purchasing Requests

  • When the item is received, manually Mark the request as received in the Tipasa interface. 
    • The request will close.
  • If the purchase request is not received:
    • The Fulfillment Type of the request can be changed to  ILL Request and submitted as a borrowing request.
    • Cancel the request as is appropriate.

 Note: Requests that are On Order will be aged to Received? status after 21 system days.  Please see Request Aging for more information.

Usage Reports

The below WorldShare Interlibrary Loan reports include all types of purchase requests:

  • Borrower Activity Overview Report
  • WorldShare ILL Purchase Request Report

Please see WorldShare Interlibrary Loan reports for more information.

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