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Request Aging


OCLC counts standard working days (Monday-Friday) as system days/working days. OCLC does not count Saturdays and Sundays as system days/working days.

Type of request Aging days


 Note: Lending requests will expire after reaching the Need Before date or after 30 working days, whichever event occurs first.

Any problem status (Complete?, Not Received, etc.) 180 calendar days


 Note: Requests in Review will expire after reaching the Need Before date or after 14 working days, whichever event occurs first.

Unfilled 30
From Returned to Complete?


 Note:  Lending requests that are marked Returned by the borrower will stay in transit for 30 days.  If the lender does not mark the request as Not Returned orChecked-in/Complete, the request moves to the Returned/Complete? queue.

From Received to Overdue (only applicable to Loans)

14 days after Due Date


  • If the Display patron due date setting is turned on in the Patron Settings module of OCLC Service Configuration, the request will appear as Overdue in the User Portal once the Patron Due Date has passed.  If the setting is not enabled, the request will display as Received by library.  See Patron Request Management for more information. 
  • The Renew option will not be available when the item is overdue.  Staff will be able to renew materials for the user in the staff interface.
From In Transit to Received? (Copy) 7
From In Transit to Received? (Loan) 14
From On Order to Received? 21


 Note: Sending a Conditional response resets the clock and gives the requesting library four days to respond.

Standard request: update to Yes, No or Conditional

Number of days specified in Days To Respond

 Note: WorldShare Interlibrary Loan will not age a request to the next lender until the current lender’s Days To Respond have passed. If you don't act on a request in that time, the system will automatically send it on to the next library in the string or, if there aren't other libraries, it will become an Unfilled request.

Requests processed on weekends (non-referral days) Next working day/system day
Requests processed on holidays (non-referral days)

Next working day/system day

 Note: OCLC does not count the following holidays for aging requests:

  • New Year’s Day
  • United States Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after United States Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve


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