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Get It Now (mediated service)

Learn how to setup Get It Now in the OCLC Service Configuration and purchase articles from Get It Now in WorldShare Interlibrary Loan.

Purchase articles from Get It Now

This topic outlines the procedures for purchasing articles from Get It Now, a service of Copyright Clearance Center. Before you begin purchasing documents from Get It Now, you will need to implement the service. If you have questions about using Get It Now, please see the Copyright Clearance Center's Contact us page.

OCLC Service Configuration setup

After you have implemented Get It Now, you will need to configure this service in the Service Configuration module. You can access Service Configuration through the link in the Other column on the home screen or at Service Configuration.

  1. Once Service Configuration is open, on the left navigation, click WorldShare ILL > Purchase Options.
  2. On the Purchase Options screen, in the Get It Now form, enter the following information provided by Get It Now:
    • Institute
    • Order Source
    • ILL Email Address
    • Bill to Email Address
  3. Click Save.

Purchase documents from Get It Now

Documents available from Get It Now can be purchased only after a request has been created and saved in the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan system. You will not have the option to purchase a document from the Get It Now until it has been saved as a Borrowing Request.

To purchase a document from Get It Now:

  1. On the left navigation, click Borrowing Requests.
  2. Open a request category—New for Review, Not Reviewed, or Reviewed—by clicking on the link. The Borrowing Request list opens.
  3. Open a request for an article by clicking on the ID number or the article Title. The request details expand.
  4. If it has not already been entered, scroll down and fill in the Article’s Title, Author, and Page Numbers, and the Journal Volume, Number, and Date. Note: For best results, enter as much bibliographic information about the item as possible.
  5. Click on the Purchase tab to view a Request Summary and Patron Summary as well as Purchase Options.  Information is available here about the availability and pricing of the item through Get It Now.

    Note: If the connection to the vendor times out, click Refresh until you receive a message confirming whether the item is available or not.
  6. If the item is available and a price is provided, click the Get It Now link. A new tab with an Item Details screen from Get It Now opens with bibliographic information about the article requested.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click Accept. A confirmation page appears, and your IFM account will be charged.
  8. Click Return to WorldShare ILL.  The Get It Now tab will close, and your WS ILL tab will open. The order number and IFM price will be shown in a pop up in WS ILL. You can add a note or click Save and the request will be updated with the purchase information. The system will automatically update the Fulfillment Type to Purchase Request.
  9. Click the request number to review the purchase or click On Order under Purchasing Requests to view request details. The item request screen opens.
  10. (Optional) Click Preview to preview the item. Previewing the document does not count against the number of times the document can be viewed.
  11. Click Mark as Received.  The article is sent to the user through OCLC Article Exchange. The request is closed.

     Note: If you do not mark the item as received, after 21 days, the item will also show up in the Received? queue. The order will be closed and moved to the Closed queue.

Manage incomplete orders

If you place an order, your library’s IFM account will be charged by Get It Now.  However, there are a few circumstances where Get It Now may not be able to supply the order.  If the order cannot be completed, you will receive an email and Get It Now will refund the IFM charges.