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OCLC Support


Additional resources for Tipasa users.
  • Categories and queues
    Find information about the available queues that appear in Tipasa.
  • Configure OpenURL
    Learn how to setup OpenURL request buttons in WorldCat Discovery to direct your patrons to Tipasa when placing ILL requests.
  • Days To Respond
    Find information about using the OCLC Policies Directory to set the Days to Respond feature in Tipasa to keep your requests moving quickly to potential lenders.
  • Export
    Learn how to use the Export feature within Tipasa to export queues and search results.
  • Formats
    Find the available formats in Tipasa and see examples of each.
  • IFLA Vouchers
    Learn how OCLC members can order and purchase IFLA vouchers.
  • ILL request transfer service
    Transfer ILL requests from your Integrated Library System (ILS) to your OCLC ILL review file through the ILL request transfer service.
  • ILL sources
    Find a table of sources from which a request is generated in Tipasa.
  • ILL statuses
    Find a description of the requests statuses in Tipasa and learn how a request status appears in the staff view and the patron view.
  • Notes
    Find information about the types of notes available in Tipasa, which can be used to add additional information relevant to the borrowing library, lending library, or patron.
  • Request Aging
    Find information about the aging days for different types of request as they move to the next status in Tipasa.
  • Resource sharing features
    Learn about features previously found in the WorldCat Services Administration Module and where they appear in OCLC Service Configuration.
  • Search my library's online catalog
    Learn how to enable links to your library's online catalog in Tipasa.