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Resource sharing features

This following table lists how features previously found in the WorldCat Services Administrative Module appear in OCLC Service Configuration, as well as how new features display. Resource sharing features in Service Configuration are found under WorldShare ILL on the left navigation. Specific locations are noted below. 

Features list

Note: Institutions using WorldCat Local may already have existing settings in Service Configuration.

Feature/Function in the administrative module of WorldCat Services (Resource Sharing options) Module/location in Service Configuration
Patron ILL Settings
ILL Processing  
ILL Access Your access to WorldShare ILL will be pre-set.
ILL Settings for Databases Functionality TBD.
WorldCat ILL Access Functionality TBD.
Patron ILL Request Form WorldShare ILL > Request Form
(Future enhancement)
ILL via E-mail Will not be re-implemented.
ILL Request Management (Future enhancement)
Staff ILL Settings
Authorizations Different authorization process in WorldShare ILL
Resource Sharing Options WorldShare ILL > Interlibrary Loan Options
Persistence WorldShare ILL > Interlibrary Loan Options
Knowledge Base WorldShare ILL > Interlibrary Loan Options
Electronic Delivery Options WorldShare ILL > Borrower Data
Constant Data Records WorldShare ILL > Borrower Data/Lender Data
Saved Notes (Future enhancement)
Custom Holdings Groups WorldShare ILL > Custom Holdings Groups
Custom Holdings Paths WorldShare ILL > Custom Holdings Paths
Custom Holdings Symbols Search WorldShare ILL > Custom Holdings Groups
Automation WorldShare ILL > Automated Request Manager


New Features in Service Configuration  
Item Availability WorldShare ILL > Interlibrary Loan Options
(Future enhancement)
Purchase Options WorldShare ILL > Purchase Options