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How can I update the title URL link within a knowledge base collection?

  • A change was made to the URLs for collection in knowledge base and you want to update them to the new URL.
Applies to
  • WorldCat knowledge base 
  • Collection Manager

The title URL can be edited on the local tab individually. To change multiple titles in a collection locally, download the KBART data for that file and correct the links in Excel (or a text editor) then re-upload the corrected file. 

To request a global change to the collection, contact OCLC Support with your symbol, the name of the collection that the URL change is impacting, and the vendor name. If work hasn't already been done by the WorldCat knowledge base team to correct the change, they will enter a request to have it done for that collection.  

Additional information

There is more information on downloading and editing collections using KBART.

There is more information on editing global collections.

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