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Cooperative management


Help manage global knowledge base data by using the cooperative management features. Update title information, add a new collection, and approve or deny changes made by other libraries to the global knowledge base.
Retention of cooperative edits in Provider-supplied collections and Cooperative (global) collections

Cooperative (global.) collections

Cooperative collections are collections created by libraries that have been submitted to the cooperative. Edits to cooperative collections will be retained.

You can identify a cooperative collection by its collection ID. When a library creates a collection locally, the collection has customer. at the beginning of its collection ID. When the library submits the collection to the cooperative, it becomes a cooperative collection and has global. at the beginning of its collection ID.

Provider-supplied collections

Provider-supplied collections are knowledge base collections that are loaded and updated by OCLC with data from providers.

Before making cooperative edits, see if your collection is listed. If it is, proceed with your edits. If your collection is not listed, cooperative edits will not be retained (for fields other than OCN and Grouped OCNs) when OCLC loads provider-supplied data updates. Contact OCLC to fix the issue.

 Caution: It is possible that edits submitted to the cooperative will not be retained for listed collections. This is caused by complexities in timing and the results of a matching process that allows us to retain or not retain cooperative edits. If you notice that your changes were not retained, you can re-submit your edits. They might be retained and not encounter the timing issue that they did initially. Alternatively, do not hesitate to report the corrections to OCLC.  


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