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Knowledge base publication types: Links in your A-to-Z list and WorldCat Discovery

See if the knowledge base will set WorldCat holdings or surface links for indexed journals, abstracts, and other publication types. Find information on how to surface links for a database or eMap.

About KBART coverage depth

By its standard definition, coverage depth applies to serials and monographs. However, for KBART uploads to OCLC's WorldCat knowledge base, use the coverage depth values to designate both the publication type and/or the coverage depth. The knowledge base does not use the format or publication type in KBART and "Journal" is assumed from those coverage depths.

Entering coverage_depth values in KBART

The system will normalize letter or space discrepancies such that you can enter variations in letter case and so forth. For example, in a KBART file, you can enter: Full Text or fulltext; Selected Full Text or Selected Articles or selected articles.

Coverage fields (in the Collection Manager UI)

Providing complete coverage can enhance linking behavior, but is not required for links in Discovery.

 Note: The KBART file is a template that cannot be uploaded if changed. It should always follow the template regardless of which columns are relevant and the columns should remain even if they are empty.

Just as all publication types use a coverage depth value, all coverage information in a KBART file uses the same fields. A year for an Ebook, for example, can be placed in the date_first_issue_online field:

  • date_first_issue_online
    • Use this KBART column for Ebook years; Keep the other columns in order and in the file even if blank.
  • num_first_vol_online
  • num_first_issue_online
  • date_last_issue_online
  • num_last_vol_online
  • num_last_issue_online
  • embargo_info

Publication types that surface links, set WorldCat holdings, and output records

See the sections below for more details about the information in the table. The table assumes that you have configured settings to display knowledge base links in Discovery, to set holdings in WorldCat, and to output MARC records.


  • Once you select a knowledge base collection, links in Discovery typically appear the same day; Changes to WorldCat holdings and the associated "held by" statement might not be reflected for 24-48 hours as the holdings process runs once per day (overnight EST).
  • A limit of 50 WorldCat knowledge base links are returned in the Access Online section of WorldCat Discovery.
  • Chapter-level linking is not supported. 
KBART coverage depth Publication type Surfaces in A-to-Z list Surfaces in WorldCat Discovery Sets WorldCat holdings if OCLC Number is included Outputs MARC records if OCLC number is included Notes; Unsupported publication types Coverage fields (in the Collection Manager UI)
Full Text Journal Yes Yes Yes Yes, if URL and coverage is included -- Dates, enumeration, and embargo
Print Journal Yes No Yes Yes Add a collection of print journal titles so the journal titles appear in your A-to-Z Dates, enumeration, and embargo
Selected Full Text Journal No No No No Used for tracking purposes only Dates, enumeration, and embargo
Abstracts Journal No No No No Used for tracking purposes only Dates, enumeration, and embargo
Indexed Journal No No No No Used for tracking purposes only Dates, enumeration, and embargo
Ebook Ebook Yes Yes Yes Yes, if URL and coverage is included Create a collection of database titles and use Ebook as coverage depth to get links in Discovery Year
Audio Audio No Yes Yes Yes, if URL and coverage is included -- Year
Image Image No Yes Yes Yes, if URL and coverage is included Use Image to add eMaps to your KB to get links in Discovery Year
Video Video No Yes Yes Yes, if URL and coverage is included -- Year
Other Other No No Yes Yes Use Other for non-electronic items: Microform, print books, non-electronic gov docs, etc. Links will not display in Discovery None


Get links for unsupported electronic publication types

Electronic maps or eMaps

For links in Discovery to eMaps, use Image when adding a title to the knowledge base.

 Note: In provider-supplied collections loaded and updated by OCLC, you will not be able to cooperatively edit a coverage depth. Please contact OCLC Support to request changes.

Book series and conference proceedings

Book series and conference proceedings series can be treated as a Journal Full Text. Individual volumes can be treated as an Ebook.

Journal articles via Get It Now

Journals in the collection Get It Now Collection (Collection ID: getitnow.getitnow) are Full Text. However, links will not appear in WorldCat Discovery when patrons search for articles from those journals. Rather, a Get It Now button will display when you perform an article search from your A-to-Z list and include the following in your search:

  • Article title
  • Journal/Publication title
  • ISSN
  • Date, Volume & Issue

See Get It Now (unmediated service) for more information.

Databases and websites

First, it is important to understand the difference between a database-only collection and adding databases as titles.

Database-only collections can be created in order to acquire the database and/or to associate a license with the database (a "collection" that does not have a defined list of titles). Database-only collections serve to surface the database in your A-to-Z list. However, a link to the database will not surface in WorldCat Discovery.

In order to surface links in Discovery, some libraries create a collection of database titles and use the Ebook coverage depth. The link is meant to take library patrons to the website, issue, or landing page, and not to an actual title. Another way to add links to a database or to a website is LHR 856 links; Add the cataloged website to your holdings and include your link.

 Note: If you add a link via an LHR and add a link via a knowledge base title, your patrons will see two links.

Other for MARC records for non-electronic items

The coverage depth Other should not be used to get links in WorldCat Discovery. Only use Other for MARC record output and to set WorldCat holdings for non-electronic items such as microform, print books, and non-electronic government documents. If a title URL is input by the institution, then a link will appear in WorldCat Discovery, but that is not the intent of this coverage depth. 

The coverage depth Other was developed in conjunction with functionality in local collections to add a title via OCLC number. It was created for use with non-electronic items. Title URLs and coverage dates are not relevant. A date field does not show in the UI, although a year might get populated from ingest, and titles with a coverage depth of Other do not function with the features for grouped OCLC number matching.