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Interface-specific instructions for WorldCat searching

This guide does not give instructions on how to use specific interfaces for searching. The following table provides information on where to find interface-specific instructions for searching in WorldCat.

OCLC Interface/Description Documentation on searching WorldCat
Connexion (browser and client) Connexion: Searching WorldCat Quick Reference
Connexion client (Windows-based software for cataloging)

Client Help > "Search WorldCat"

Cataloging: Search WorldCat

Connexion browser (Web browser for cataloging)

Browser Help > "Find Bibliographic Records"

Find Bibliographic Records

CatExpress (copy cataloging via Express tab within the Connexion browser)

CatExpress Help in Connexion browser > "Use CatExpress"

CatExpress Quick Reference

FirstSearch (Web browser interface for reference within WorldCat and numerous other databases) FirstSearch Help "Search" and "Results"
WorldCat Discovery WorldCat Discovery
WorldShare WorldShare Acquisitions
WorldShare Circulation
WorldShare Collection Manager
WorldShare Interlibrary Loan
WorldShare License Manager
WorldShare Record Manager