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About the Item Details screen

Discover how to navigate the Item Details screen in

The image below is an example of the Item Details screen. After you search for an item, click the title of any item in your search results to access this screen. From this screen, you can: Item Details screen

  1. View bibliographic data for the item.
  2. Add the item to a list, cite the item, or share a link to the item.
  3. Find an item through your library or a nearby library. You can also click the name of a library to view its profile page. Items are divided into two tabs.
    • Featured libraries - Libraries in this tab participate in OCLC's Web Visibility program.
    • All libraries - Libraries in this tab have at least a cataloging subscription.
      Note about All libraries visibility
      If you have a cataloging-only subscription and are one of the following library types in OCLC Service Configuration, you will not display in this tab.

      Special Library


      Correction Facility



      Regional Service Provider

      School Library




      State or National Library
  4. Get an item from your library, find an item at a nearby library, find an Open Access item, or buy the item.
  5. View Goodreads ratings and reviews for the item.