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Standard screens

Discover more information about standard screens in the CapiraMobile Staff Dashboard.


Standard screens contain important information and features that your library users may interact with in your library's app (e.g. the events calendar, user's account information, etc.).

Important notes about standard screens:

  • The content and services contained on standard screens is automatically configured using the information you have added elsewhere in the CapiraMobile Staff Dashboard, particularly throughout the Options element.
  • In order for a standard screen to appear in your app you must link to it by adding a corresponding Button to the Welcome screen or any Custom screen.
  • You cannot add buttons to a standard screen.
  • For all Action standard screens (e.g. Action - Call, Action - Email, etc.), you will need to add a corresponding value in the Action Value field when adding or editing a button that leads to this screen. See Button fields for more information.

Standard screen options and descriptions

Screen name Description
App Settings Opens the settings menu, where users can change their notification settings.
Action - Call Opens a pop-up screen with a list of branches that the user may call. Selecting a branch will open the phone app with the phone number for the branch automatically populated. 
Action - Contact Options Opens a pop-up screen with your library's contact options, where a user can select to call or email the library.
Digital Library Card The user's digital library card displays. See Patron account options to adjust the digital library card settings.

 Note: User must be logged in to view their digital library card.

Action - Email Opens a pop-up screen where the user can select to email the library. The user's email app will open with the address provided for your library automatically populated into the To field.
Event Calendar Opens your library's event calendar, where users can view more information on individual events. For more information on configuring your event calendar, see Events options.
Library Information Displays an expandable map with each of your library branches as a pin. Below the map, a listing of each of your library branches displays. Selecting More Information for a branch will lead to the Library Details for that branch. Information for the branch can be updated in the Branches element.
Mobile Checkout

Opens the camera app for mobile checkout. For more information on configuring mobile checkout settings, see Mobile checkout.

 Note: User must be logged in to use mobile checkout.

My Account

Takes the user to their account options. Users will be able to select from the following options:

  • Card Wallet
  • Checked Out Items
  • Fines and Fees
  • My Holds
  • My Reading History
  • Pay Fines (if applicable)

 Note: User must be logged in to view their account information.

Search Catalog Takes the user to the catalog search screen. For more information on configuring the catalog search, see Search filter options and Third party search integrations.
Scan ISBN Allows the user to search the catalog by using their phone camera to scan an ISBN, or enter it manually.
Action - SMS Displays an SMS text messaging number that the user can use to contact your library.
Action - Website Opens your library's website in the user's default internet browser. This could be your library's home page, or a specific page within the website.