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Remove Shared Print flag and retention statement from a LHR

 Note: This workflow applies only to those libraries participating in the Shared Print Registration Service.

You can remove the Shared Print holding type flag and retention statement from a local holdings record for titles that you are:

  • no longer committing to retain
  • keeping in your collection

WorldShare Management Services libraries or libraries capturing holdings information in LHRs for Interlibrary Loan purposes may wish to use this option if they are no longer committing to retain a title.

It is important to note that this process removes all 583 fields from the LHR and the Shared Print holding flag. If you do not want to remove all 583 fields in the record because you have commitments for multiple groups, you can use the red minus to remove the desired row and save the LHR.

If you are not using the Local Holdings Record for any other reason, you can delete the LHR using the Delete option under Record > LHR > Delete.

To remove the Shared Print flag and retention statement:

  1. From the LHR editor, select Remove Shared Print Commitment from the Record drop-down menu.
  2. From the Remove the Shared Print Commitment dialog, click Remove. A confirmation message appears and the 583 field no longer appears in the record.
  3. Click Save to replace the LHR. The replacement of the LHR completes the removal of the Shared Print Commitment.


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