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Why is my KBART file deemed invalid when uploading it to a new collection?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

This can happen when all details in your file are not correct or exact, as required by Collection Manager. You may see an error message that says "Unable to generate upload," or you may see one or more invalid titles.

  • All columns must be in the correct order as set out in the KBART template when creating a new KBART file for uploading into a new collection
  • The correct Collection Name and the Collection ID should be detailed in your KBART file for the new collection you are creating
    • The Collection ID in your file must match that in the collection you created in order for the titles to upload to your collection properly.  
  • You must add the local collection details, not the global collection details.
    • Details in your file must match that in the collection you created, in order for the titles to upload to your collection properly
  • The invalid record usually indicates an issue with the data in that record. If the record contains any diacritics or missing information, you would likely see that.
    • If the file includes diacritics, you will need to save it as Unicode Text (.txt) instead of Text (Tab delimited) (.txt).
  • Use the correct date format for columns containing date information.
  • Include a unique numerical value for each title in the oclc_entry_id column. This can be any numerical value. For example, you could enter 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • The coverage_depth field is listed as "full text" for all titles. It should be "fulltext", without a space.

If these details are not correct, you will see in the History that zero records were uploaded and Total Invalid Records will match the number you were uploading

  • Your KBART file will be deemed invalid and therefore can not be uploaded.
  • If this happens when you upload a file, check all the settings you have in this KBART file for your new collection
  • Edit your file for any changes required and then upload the file again 
  • If you are still having issues with your file having invalid records please contact OCLC Support   
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