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Why is the harvest of my KBART file failing?

  • When a vendor tries to harvest a KBART file they receive a 400 http error and the harvest fails.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

You will need to verify that IP Authentication for KBART Downloads has been configured correctly:

  1. Verify with the vendor that the harvest server IP address entered is correct.
    1. You can view the IP address that has been entered by navigating to Metadata > Collection Manager > Institution Settings > Proxy and Authentication > Download Authentication in WorldShare.
  2. Ensure that the link that is being used by the vendor to access the KBART matches what is listed in the Download Authentication tab.
  3. If the IP address and link are correct but the harvest is still failing, switch the Download Access setting to "Unlimited" and try the harvest again.
  4. If the harvest is completed successfully after changing this setting there is either a setting on the vendor's side that is blocking the harvest or the vendor needs to provide a different harvest server IP address to be entered into the Download Authentication tab.
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