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Why didn't my KBART load? I’m using an Excel file.

  • Collection history shows invalid records after attempting to upload KBART.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

Excel often changes the formatting of data.  This is known to cause confusion on spreadsheets that include number data such as ISBN, ISSN, OCN, and barcode.

Some examples of how Excel changes data include: 

  • rounds/truncates decimal points
  • changes extremely long digits integers to scientific notation
  • removes leading zeros from digit strings
  • changes date formats
  • changes encoding on special characters
  • changes strings like "01-01" to "1-Jan"

If you are using Excel, we recommend that you copy data from a second text editor application into a new text-formatted MS Excel workbook. Please see instructions below. 

  1. Open a new blank workbook in Excel.
  2. Select all cells in this workbook.
  3. Format these cells as "text".
  4. Open your KBART file in a separate Text Editor application (e.g. Notepad++, TextEdit).
  5. In the text editor, select and copy all the data from your KBART file.
  6. Paste the data into the blank Excel workbook from step 1.
  7. Make any needed adjustments to the KBART file (remove titles, change coverage, etc.).
  8. Important: check that you have a a unique numerical value for the oclc_entry_id field of each title.
  9. Save file in appropriate encoding level (e.g. UTF-8, UTF-16).
  10. Upload the KBART file in WorldShare Collection Manager within the Titles accordion.
Additional information

For additional information about KBART files, please see KBART values and formatting. 

See Create a knowledgebase collection for more detail on creating or updating a collection with a KBART file

Why is my KBART file deemed invalid when uploading it to a new collection?

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