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Get It Now (unmediated service)

This topic outlines the procedure for enabling unmediated use of the Get It Now service for WorldCat Discovery Libraries using the A to Z list.

Get It Now is a subscription based service provided by Copyright Clearance Center. If you have questions about implementing or using Get It Now, email

About Get It Now

Subscribers to Get It Now can provide their patrons with the immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals.  Get It Now can be used as a mediated service, as with WorldShare ILL and Tipasa, or as an unmediated service, as with the A to Z list.

  • In WorldShare ILL and Tipasa: Articles will not be purchased unless initiated by a library staff member.  For further instruction on the Get It Now mediated service, please see the information on the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan or Tipasa site.
  • In the A to Z List: If a patron finds an article the library does not already own, they can click on the Get It Now button and get a copy of the article immediately.  The article will be charged to the institution’s Get It Now account.

Get it Now in the A to Z list and WorldShare Collection Manager

  1. Navigate to Settings > Provider Settings.
  2. Select Get It Now from the Select a Provider drop-down menu
  3. Complete the fields with your information.                                                                                       Get_It_Now_Settings.png
    Note: This information will be used when patrons click on a Get It Now link.  Your account information, as well as the article citation the patron requested, will be passed to the Get It Now service, so it can be fulfilled and charged to your library’s account
  4. Click Save.
  5. Search for the Get It Now collection in Collection Manager:
  • Collection Name: Get It Now Collection
  • Collection ID: getitnow.getitnow
  1. Select the titles in the collection that you want your patrons to be able to request at the expense of your institution.  You can do so using one of two ways:

Get It Now button in the A to Z list

The Get It Now button will only display when the needed article is not available from another knowledge base collection that the institution provides.  This ensures that users connect to already purchased materials before incurring expenses through Get It Now. 

Get It Now requires certain information be present on an article record before the button will surface.  If any of the required fields are missing or inaccurate, the Get It Now button will not appear.  The required fields are:

  • ISSN
  • Article Title
  • Article Publication Date
  • Volume
  • Issue