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Connexion Client stops responding when doing Gateway export to ILS

  • You are trying to export records using Gateway export in Connexion Client. You may be able to export a few records, but eventually the Client freezes. The Gateway Export Status is "Sending records to local system...", the Host Message is blank, and the top of the Client window says "(Not Responding)"
Applies to
  • Connexion Client

Increase the Delay to give the host message from your ILS more time to be sent back and display in Connexion Client.

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Export
  2. Select your Gateway export option and click Edit
  3. Increase the Delay to 20 or higher.
  4. Click OK

If after trying the above solution you are still having trouble exporting, please contact OCLC Support and include a screenshot of your export settings.

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