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OCLC Support

Process records

Discover how to process records as a cataloging agent.
  1. Log on with a Cataloging Agent authorization.
  2. Retrieve the bibliographic record you want to process.
  3. Edit field 951 as required to include symbols of the libraries for which you are acting.
    • Examples:
      • 951    ‡l abc ‡l mnopq ‡l trn 
      • 951    ‡l abc trn ocl ord obl
      • 951    ‡l acd abc ‡a fiction project
  4. (Optional) Move the mouse over a symbol to view institution names for OCLC symbols. The client displays the institution name in a small popup window.
  5. On the Action menu, select the action you want to take on the record.
    • Update Holdings or press <F8>
    • Produce and Update Holdings or press <Shift><F7>
    • Delete Holdings or press <Shift><F8>
    • Export or press <F5>