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Qualify command line searches

Discover how to qualify command line searches in Connexion client.

Qualify a command line search

Enter one or more of the qualifiers listed above as part of a full syntax search in the Command Line Search box of the Search WorldCat window (Cataloging > Search > WorldCat):

Slash qualifiers

In the Search WorldCat window, under Command Line Search, type search terms (an index label, punctuation, and a keyword, numeric, or derived search), followed by a slash and then a format, years, microform, or source qualifier value (no spaces).

Example: su:spain/1990/rec

 Note: Use the slash format only for MARC format, year, microform, or source qualifiers.

Qualifier index labels

Instead of slashes, follow the search with a space, the Boolean operator and, a space, a qualifier label, a colon, and a qualifier value.

Example: su:spain and yr:1990 and mt:rec

 Note: Use the index label and punctuation for any type of qualifiers.

Guidelines for qualifying command line searches

  • Use preceding slashes or index labels with the following four types of qualifiers: type of material, years, microform, or source (/dlc).
  • Use index labels only to qualify a search by Internet/non-Internet, language, or specific material types (slashes are unavailable).
  • If you use slash qualifiers (format, years, microform, or source), use only one of each in a search.
  • Slash qualifiers must appear last in a search.
  • Qualifiers with index labels (followed by colons) can appear anywhere in a search, combined with Boolean operators.
  • Type qualifiers in any order.

Examples of qualified command line searches using a preceding slash or index label

To search for ... Type ...
Keyword search for a map of Scotland su:scotland/map
su:scotland and mt:map
Derived search for the title Gone with the Wind in book format published in the year 1980
gon,wi,th,y and mt:bks and yr:1980
Keyword search for the subject Navajo in material type DVD video published in 1980 or later
su:navajo and mt:dvv/1980-
su:navajo and mt:dvv and yr:1980-
Derived search for the title Gone with the Wind in sound recordings format published between 1970 and 1980 td:gon,wi,th,w/rec/1970-80
td:gon,wi,th,w and mt:rec and yr:1970- 80

See Enter qualifiers and values for more details and examples.