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Find SCIPIO records in WorldCat

Discover how to find and update SCIPIO records in WorldCat using Connexion client.


SCIPIO records are specialized bibliographic records. Both existing WorldCat indexes and new SCIPIO- specific indexes can be used to find SCIPIO records. Also, you can limit searches to SCIPIO-only records:

  • In the Connexion client: Open the Search WorldCat window (navigate to Cataloging > Search > WorldCat or press <F2>) and click Settings. Select the check box for SCIPIO Only Records. The client keeps the setting until you clear it.

You are not required to set this option to use SCIPIO-specific indexes for searching. SCIPIO indexes include action house name, citation, date of sale, individual auctioneer, place of sale, sale code, seller/subjects, authentication code (042 subfield a contains scipio), notes (pertinent to sale; local notes), and SCIPIO control number (former RLG/SCIPIO record ID in the format yyPxxx).

See fields and subfields indexed for SCIPIO-specific indexes, fields and subfields indexed for WorldCat indexes, and Search WorldCat for basics on WorldCat search techniques and formats.

Update and take other actions on SCIPIO records

Update, edit, replace, export, delete holdings, and take other actions on SCIPIO records the same way you would for any bibliographic record. Besides finding instructions for these activities in Help or Connexion guides on the Web, quick references are available for the client. Also, client tutorials are available.

Correct errors in SCIPIO records

If you discover errors in SCIPIO records:

  • For a SCIPIO bibliographic record that your library contributed: Correct the error and, if the error appears on the catalog itself, add a note indicating the error.

    Example: You have a typographical error on the catalog, Archenbach Collection. Enter the proper form in the 653 field: “Achenbach.” In the 500 field, enter “Archenbach (sic).”

    As noted above, the types of edits you are authorized to make depend on your authorization level
  • For a SCIPIO bibliographic record only that was contributed by another library, report the error to OCLC database quality control staff:

    In the client:
    1. With the record open, click Action > Report Error.
    2. The client supplies the OCLC symbol you use to log on. Enter your user name and email address. In the text box, enter a description of the error.
    3. (Optional) If you want a copy of the report and attached record, select the Send a copy of the e-mail to me check box above the error description.
    4. Click Report Error to send the error to OCLC. The client automatically attaches a copy of the record to the email(s) 

If you want to remove the SCIPIO designation (authentication code scipio in field 042 subfield a) from a SCIPIO bibliographic record, use a WorldCat Record Change Request opened from within the client using Help > Useful Web Links.