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Create SCIPIO records in WorldCat

Discover how to create SCIPIO records in WorldCat using Connexion client.

Connexion does not provide a SCIPIO-specific record workform (a MARC record template). However, when you create a SCIPIO record, you can apply a constant data record you create to insert standard SCIPIO fields and data. Create SCIPIO records in one of two ways:

  • Derive a new record from an existing bibliographic record (in the client, click Edit > Derive WorldCat Record), and then edit the derived record or apply constant data record to insert SCIPIO data automatically.
  • Open a workform (a MARC record template), for example, for the Books format (in the client, click Cataloging > Create > Single Record > Books) and then apply a constant data record to insert SCIPIO data and add other data to complete the record.

See more about creating records and creating and using constant data in the client.