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SCIPIO indexes

Find SCIPIO-specific and WorldCat indexes that can be used for retrieving SCIPIO records in Connexion client.

In the tables below, word, phrase (entire subfield) and whole phrase (entire field) versions of indexes are distinguished by whether the two-letter index label is followed by a colon (:), or by an equal sign (=), or by a letter "w" and an equal sign. See About searching WorldCat interactively for a detailed explanation of word, phrase, and whole phrase indexes.

 Note: If you intend to use SCIPIO indexes, you should select to retrieve only SCIPIO records in settings. In Connexion client, navigate to Cataloging > Search > WorldCat > Settings and click Retrieve only SCIOPIO records.

SCIPIO-specific indexes

The following SCIPIO-specific indexes are available for searching both WorldCat records and SCIPIO-only records.

Index name Index label(s) Field and subfields indexed Notes
Auction house name ah:
110 a-e n u Indexes a subset of the existing WorldCat Corporate/conference name index.
Citation ci:
510 a c  
Date of sale ds: 033 a

 Note: If results are limited to the SCIPIO index in settings when using the ds: index, results will not be retrieved if fewer than 5 numbers are included in the date.

How to enter

  • Enter a month, day, year in the format mmddyyyy.
    • Example: To find April 15, 1995, enter ds:04151995
       Note: Also retrieves records with date of sale expressed as a range that includes the specific date.
  • To search for any day within a month, enter in the format mmyyyy.
    • Example: To find any date in May 1975, enter ds:051975
  • To search for any date within two or more years, enter in the format yyyy-yyyy. 
    • Example: To find any date in1970 through1975, enter ds:1970-1975
  • To search for any date between two known months, enter in the format mmyyyy-mmyyyy
    • Example: To find any date from July 2005 to September 2006, enter ds:072005-092006
  • To search for any date between two known dates, enter in the format mmddyyyy-mmddyyyy
    • Example: To find any date from October 29, 1947 to November 4, 1947, enter 10291947-11041947
Individual auctioneer ia:
700 a-d l q u
796 a-d j q u
Place of sale ps: 500 a
518 a
Place of sale or auction usually appears in field 518 in the form: Place of sale: London or Place of auction: Overland Park, Kansas.

Some records include place of sale in a 500 note (instead of 518) in the form: Place of sale: Cairo.

For this index, the system matches data following the words Place of in 518 subfield a or 500 subfield a.

  • ps:London
  • ps:Overland
  • ps:Overland Park
  • ps:Kansas 
Sale code sl:
024 a  
Seller/subjects cx:
600 a-d j q
653 a
696 a-d j q

Existing WorldCat indexes helpful for retrieving SCIPIO records

Index name Index label(s) Field and subfields indexed Notes
Authentication code ac: 042 a scipio This existing WorldCat index now includes the code for SCIPIO records.

The code scipio in 042 a is the identifier that tells the system to include records in the SCIPIO scoped view (searches a subset of WorldCat records limited to SCIPIO only when you set the option).

Connexion does not automatically add the field or code to new SCIPIO WorldCat records. SCIPIO catalogers must add it by entering manually or by applying a constant data record that contains it.
Notes nt: 501 a
502 a
504 a
505 a r t
508 a 
511 a 
518 a 
520 a b
521 a
533 a b c d e f n
534 a t
536 a-h
538 a
545 a
550 a
753 a b c
An existing WorldCat index that can be used to search for notes pertinent to SCIPIO sale and for local notes.