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Delete patron account


Deleting a patron removes their account from the system. This action should be performed with caution. It cannot be undone.

 Note: If you are part of a WMS group, you can only delete patrons from your institution. You can only delete patrons if you have been assigned a role of User Admin, User Manager, Circulation Admin.

Accounts cannot be deleted if the patron has:

  • Outstanding checkouts
  • Outstanding bills
  • Been sent to a collection agency

If you try to delete a patron account that cannot be deleted, you will receive a message explaining why the patron could not be deleted.

Delete a patron account

  1. In the WorldShare Admin module, search for the patron you want to delete.
  2. In the patron account, click Delete User Record.
  3. In the Delete User window, click Delete.
  4. The Delete User Record window appears and the system confirms the deletion.
  5. All outstanding hold requests or item schedules associated with the patron account will be removed. Any reference to the user in item statistics will display as 'Unknown Patron.'

Watch a video

Delete a patron record (4:58)

Patron accounts can be deleted if there are no outstanding circulation-related transactions associated with the account. This video reviews how to delete a patron account, why deletion may be unsuccessful, and how deleted patron information appears in reports.


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