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Edit patron barcodes

Learn how to edit and manage barcode updates for patron records.


The release barcode function allows you to manage barcode updates for patron records. You can change and reassign barcodes in order to correct issues such as duplicate file entries or barcode mismatch.

All actions are to be done in the WorldShare Admin module.

This feature is only available to users with the roles:

  • Circulation Administrator
  • User Administrator
  • User Manager

See WorldShare Admin for more information on Circulation roles.

Changing a barcode

If you attempt to add a previously-assigned barcode to a patron record without first releasing the barcode from the initial patron record, an error message is displayed indicating a duplicate barcode record exists.

  1. In the WorldShare Admin module, retrieve a patron record.
  2. In the patron record, in the Barcode field delete the old barcode and enter the new barcode and click Save.
    • A message appears confirming that the user was successfully updated.
    • The replaced barcode will now appear in the Diagnostics section as Deprecated.

Releasing a barcode

Releasing a barcode allows previously-assigned barcodes to be reused. A barcode can be reassigned to the same patron record.

  1. In the Diagnostics section, click Release next to the selected barcode.
    • A message appears confirming the release.
    • The old barcode will no longer display in the Diagnostics section.