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Create new patron

Learn how to create a new patron.

The Create New Patron feature is available below any results on the patron search results screen.

  1. Search for a patron. On the search results screen, click Create New Patron.
  2. On the Enter Patron Information window, fill in the fields. Fields with asterisks (*) are required. See Basic User Data for more information.
    Resolve duplicate barcode or user name
    1. If the system detects a duplicate barcode or user name, a warning message will appear and you will be unable to create the new patron.
    2. Replace the duplicate with an unused barcode or user name.
  3. Click Create.

For information about adding patrons via a patron load, see Patron data files

Basic User Data

Some profile fields need explanation.

Field Description
Blocked? Blocked users have their library privileges suspended. Use a staff note to indicate the reason for the block. Blocks placed by staff can be overridden in the same way as blocks placed by the system.  See Block a patron for more information.
Collection Exempt Reserved for future functionality.
Expiration Date The Expiration Date determines when circulation privileges expire. The patron's circulation privileges will expire on the date entered at 11:59:59 PM.
Home Branch Required. Patron's preferred library branch
ID Verified Indicates whether patron's identity established via acceptable ID (driver's license, etc.)
Patron Type Required. The kind of account the patron has (student, faculty, child, adult, etc.)

A note written by library staff about the patron. Multiple notes may be added.

Staff notes are not visible to patrons in WorldCat Discovery, but are visible on the checkout screen.

Public notes are not visible to patrons in WorldCat Discovery and can be configured to display on the checkout screen. This feature is optional and must be activated by the library in OCLC Service Configuration (WorldShare Circulation>Admin/General>Display Patron Information). For more information, see Display Patron Information.

Staff and public notes can display in a pop-up by typing an exclamation mark (!) at the beginning of a note. Pop-up notes will display when the patron account is initially accessed.