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Container management

Learn how to create a bound item container, search for previously created bound item containers, and remove items from an existing container.

Bound items are any items you have put in a bound item container so that they can be circulated together.


  • To add an item to a container:
    • The container and item must be in Available status.
    • The item must have the same holding and shelving location as the container.
    • The item must not be a container. You cannot bind a container inside another container. 
  • Items can be put into a container regardless of whether they have barcodes (the system generates barcodes for these items).
  • Circulation actions (checkin/checkout, placing a hold, etc.) apply to all items in the container.
  • The container cannot be retrieved when searching the Circulation module or WorldCat Discovery, but the items in it can be retrieved. Each item links to the container.

Create a bound item container and add items to it

To create a bound item container and add items to it, follow these steps.

  1. In the left panel, click Discover Items.
  2. In the Enter barcode field, scan the barcode or type it in the box. If you type the barcode, click Go or press <Enter>.
  3. In the Create Item window, fill in the fields. For Item Type, select Container for Bound Items.
  4. Click Create Item.
  5. (Optional). To add additional information to the container:
    1. Click Edit Item.
    2. Fill in the fields. The Delete Date field does not automatically delete the temporary item. This field is only for your library's information.
    3. Click Save Edits.
  6. On the Item Details screen, in the Contents section, click Add Item.
  7. On the Add Item window, search for (or scan the barcodes of) the items you want to add to the container. Items to be added must have the same branch as the bound item, but do not have to have barcodes.
  8. If you search for the item, from the search results, click the item's title.
  9. In the row of the item you want to add, click Select Item in the Action column.

Watch a video

Create container for bound items

Run time: 7:11

This video reviews and demonstrates how to create a container to link multiple items for purposes of circulating as a unified set.



Search for a previously-created bound item container

You can find a bound item container by:

  1. Searching for it by barcode
  2. Performing a Temporary Items search
  3. Searching for an item in the container, and clicking on the link to the container on the item's Details screen (next to the item's Status)

For details on how to search for items, see Look up item.

Remove items from a container

  1. Navigate to the Item Details screen for the container.
  2. In the Contents section, select the checkbox next to an individual item or select all.
  3. Click Remove.  

Delete a container

  1. Navigate to the Item Details screen for the container.
  2. In the Contents section, select the option for all items in the container.
  3. Click Remove.
  4. Once all items have been removed from the container, select Delete.