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Claims lost, returned, never had

Find information about changing the loan status of an item to reflect claims lost, returned, or never had.


Use loan statuses to note patrons’ claims about items.

 Note: Loan statuses can only be changed at the checkout screen.

Change loan status

  1. In the left panel Assist Patrons area, scan or type the patron barcode in the Enter barcode box. The Checkout tab of the patron record appears.
  2. Click in the check box (first column on the left) and click the Change Status button.
In the Change Item Status window choose the status claimed by the patron:
Loan status Result Status in WorldCat Local/Discovery patron interface
Claimed Lost Item status changes to Lost. The patron will be billed for a replacement cost plus any fees set by library in their Long Overdue and Lost Policy in OCLC Service Configuration. Not Available
Claimed Never Had Item status changes to Claimed Never Had Not Available
Claimed Returned Item status changes to Claimed Returned. Depending on the date the item was claimed returned, overdue fees may apply as set by library in their Loan Policy in Service Configuration. Not Available

For more information on statuses, see Check item status or location.

See Patron Type Policy for information about setting the Max number claimed lost, Max number claimed returned, Max number claimed never had per Patron Type.  If the patron exceeds this limit, they will be blocked. 

  1. Enter the date claimed by the patron.
  2. Click Change. The item is removed from the list of checked out items.

Claims tab

The Claims tab under the patron record provides a list of loans that a patron has claimed lost, never had, or already returned. Use this list to understand a patron's claim counts and any associated blocks on their account imposed by a Patron Type Policy.

The Claims tab includes:

  • Date 
  • Claim Reason
  • Title 
  • Barcode

Library staff with the following roles will be able to view the Claims tab:

  • Circulation Admin
  • Circulation Desk
  • Student Worker
  • Student Worker Circulation


  • The Claims tab does not appear for proxy patrons. All claims can be viewed on the primary user's account.
  • A withdrawn item's record will not be purged from the system if the item's status is Withdrawn (Lost), Withdrawn (Claimed Returned), or Withdrawn (Claimed Never Had).
    • A withdrawn item will only be purged from Circulation at the end of your deleted items retention period if the item's current status is Withdrawn (Available), Withdrawn (Unavailable), or Withdrawn (Missing)
  • Accounts cannot be deleted if the patron has claimed lost, returned, or claimed never had loans that have not been withdrawn and purged from WMS.
    • To clear a user's claims, check in the item and then optionally withdraw or mark the items as missing.

For Circulation groups:

  • The Claims tab includes items from any institution in the group that were claimed by this patron. Also, staff will be able to view the complete list of claims for any patron in their group.