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Why am I getting an "Username or password is invalid. Authentication failed." error when logging in?

  • User gets a "User name or password is invalid. Authentication failed" error when logging into WorldShare environment.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services  
  • WorldShare ILL

This is the error that appears when a user tries to login to WorldShare Management Services (WMS) with an incorrect user name or password. Consider the following potential fixes: 

  • Try resetting your password. Your password may be expired. Passwords expire automatically every 5 years.
  • Do you have the Caps lock turned on? If so, turn it off and try again.
  • If you are getting to the login page via a bookmark, type the URL into the address bar instead and try again. If it works, your bookmark has become corrupted. Delete and recreate it.
  • You could have cached an error page. Clear your browser's cache and cookies, restart the browser and try again,
WorldShare Password Requirements

Your WorldShare password:

  • Is case-sensitive
  • Must contain at least nine characters
  • Must contain at least one non-alphabetic character
     Note: Semicolons (;), colons (:), apostrophes ('), and periods (.) are not allowed.

If problems persist, contact OCLC Support.


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