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Why am I getting a "There is a problem with the email address in your user account" error when logging into WorldShare?

  • "There is a problem with the email address in your user account"
Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services

The primary reason for this error is that an email address is not placed in the Library Record section of your account. In order to fix:

  1. Contact the staff at your library with access to the WorldShare Admin module. If your institution uses 3rd party authentication, such as LDAP or SAML, you will need to contact your IT department.
  2. Your account will need to be updated with an email address. In the WorldShare Admin module this will be in the Library Record section. If your institution uses patron loads it will need to be added and loaded.
  3. After these steps are completed, please clear your browsers cache and cookies and try to log in again.
  4. If you receive an authorization error message, please check with your administrator to ensure you have the proper roles to access WorldShare.
  5. If you receive the same email error message, or resetting your password and adding roles to your account does not get you in, please contact OCLC Support with your institutions OCLC symbol and the username you are trying to log in with.
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