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How do I stop requests when I'm out of the office for a while?

  • Stop receiving WorldShare Interlibrary Loan requests when there is no staff member to do the work.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan
  • Tipasa

From the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Homepage under Other, click OCLC Policies Directory. 

If you want to turn off lending indefinitely, 

  1. Set the OCLC Supplier setting halfway down the Profile tab to "No".

To turn it off based on a set schedule: 

  1. Select the Schedule Tab.
  2. Select Closures and Click Add.
  3. Name the Closure, Type of Closure, Start and End Dates, OCLC Supplier, and Notes (if any) then click the Save button.
Additional information

Closures take effect at midnight (EST) of the Start Date and end at midnight (EST) of the End Date.

Changing Supplier status on the Profile tab overrides any Supplier status you may have set on the Schedule tab (under Closures). However, during Closure periods Supplier status is checked on the Schedule tab every midnight (Eastern Standard Time). If the two statuses conflict, the status on the Profile tab is changed to match the status on the Schedule tab. The only time the two statuses might conflict is during a Closure period. See Change Supplier Status for more information. 

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