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Communication Preferences and Account Details

Communication Preferences

In the Communication Preferences accordion, patrons can select to receive email or SMS notifications about their interlibrary loan requests.  By default, patrons will receive email messages.  When patrons add or edit this information, they are updating the ILL Delivery Notification section of their account. They are not changing the phone or email that your library has on file for the patron under the Library Record section of their account and the patron will still receive reset password emails. Only patrons can select whether they want to receive library account updates. This information is displayed in the Tipasa interface, but it is read-only and staff cannot change it.

 Note:  Notifications must be set up by your library in order for your patrons to receive them. Your can set up notifications in OCLC Service Configuration. For more information on setting up notifications, see Set up notifications.

 Note: If a patron has opted out of receiving email notifications, custom notifications will result in a user opted out message in the Request History and will not be sent to the patron.  


1. Email
Patrons should enter their email in this field if they want to receive email notifications about their requests.
2. Phone Number
Patrons should enter their mobile phone number in this field if they want to receive SMS notifications about their requests. Note: Only phone numbers with a country code of +1 (United States and Canada) can receive SMS notifications. If the patron does not enter the country code, the system will add the country code when they save their changes.
3. Send library account updates to me
By default, email notifications are automatically enabled for U.S. Tipasa library patrons.  If patrons would like to receive text message notifications, they would need to select the respective check box for text messages.  Note that patrons will only receive text notifications if the library has enabled Send SMS for automated notifications in the Service Configuration and the patron has opted in for SMS notifications. When the Send library account updates to me setting is selected, Updates Enabled displays on the Communication Preferences accordion.
  1. Enter a valid email address in the Email field.
  2. Select Send updates by email.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Tipasa will pull the patron email from the specific ILL request, ILL Communication preferences or patron account email address in that order.

To receive SMS notifications, patrons should:

  1. Enter a mobile phone number in the Phone Number field.
  2. Select Send updates by text messages.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Patrons can opt out at any time, but once this setting is changed, they will no longer receive any notifications from the system.

4. Do not send library account updates to me
When Do not send library account updates to me is selected, patrons will not receive notifications about their interlibrary loans. Patrons must select to receive account updates and enter their mobile phone or email in order to receive notifications. When this setting is selected, Updates Disabled displays on the Communication Preferences accordion. To turn off notifications, patrons:
  1. Select Do not send library account updates to me.
  2. Click Save Changes.

Account Details

The Account Details accordion of the user portal displays the information your library has on record about the patron. This information comes from the Library Record section of the patron's account. Patrons are not permitted to change any of the information in this accordion, except for their password. Clicking Change Password will bring the patron to the Change Password screen, where they can enter a new password for their account. 


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